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Soft Foods To Ease Wisdom Tooth Pain

By Staff

Suffering from wisdom tooth pain and just not able to eat a nice meal? What should you do? Starve and manage the pain? Or eat soft foods which will fill your tummy and at the same time relieve your pain too. When you are having wisdom tooth pain, many suggests to refrain from foods which contains seeds and food which have fibre. One of the main reasons is, these foods will tend to get stuck in your tooth, thus aggravating the situation and increasing the pain.

Today, we have enlisted a few soft foods for wisdom tooth ache, you can now treat yourself too. These soft foods will reduce wisdom tooth pain and provide good nourishment and calcium which is needed especially during this phase. It is not an easy to deal with the pain when wisdom tooth is cutting through your gum!

These soft foods which have been stated below are good to eat, if you are suffering from severe wisdom tooth pain. Keep in mind to stay away from all types of spicy food as it will increase the pain.

Take a look at these nourishing soft foods for your tooth ache.



If you are a non-vegetarian, make yourself a cup of hot chicken and corn soup. Use egg in the soup as it is a form of nourishment due to calcium.



Boil four potatoes with salt. When cooked, peel out the potatoes, mash it with a masher and add pepper to it. Potato is rich in iron and zinc which is good to relieve you from pain.



You can spice up a scrambled egg and consume it when you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain. This soft food will help ease the pain you are having in your mouth.



The best food for wisdom tooth pain is oatmeal. Boil a cup of oatmeal and add mashed bananas to get a sweet flavour.



Yogurt is one of the best soft foods for wisdom tooth pain. It is best to have chilled yogurt if you are having tooth ache, as it will help relieve the pain.



There are different flavours of jelly to which you can eat to pamper yourself. Strawberry and orange jelly is the best since it contains Vitamin C which is good for tooth ache.


Veggie Juice

The best vegetable juice to have when you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain, is carrot and lemon juice. These two juices will provide instant relief.


Fruit Juice

If your mouth is swollen due to the wisdom tooth, make yourself a fruit smoothie. Pulpy grape or strawberry smoothie is the best for you. Chewing grapes will also soothe the pain.


Ice Cream

Every dentist would advice you to have a cup of your favourite ice cream to relieve tooth ache. This soft food numbs wisdom tooth pain> Moreover, it is a dairy product which is rich in calcium.



If you are a having severe pain, opt for porridge. This is a soft food for reducing wisdom tooth pain.



Cheesecake is delicious and a soft food for you to consume when you have wisdom tooth pain. Blueberry or mango cheesecake is the best for you to consume at this time.



Opt for fruits which are soft in nature and easy for you to chew. Fruits like banana, melons and blueberries are good for reducing wisdom tooth pain.

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