Top 5 Diseases Men Should Watchout For!

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Men Diseases
There is no Men's Day to celebrate the essence of manhood. So, people very rarely discuss diseases than men suffer from. These top health problems are catching up with you sooner and sooner. As stress levels increase and lifestyles get unhealthier by the day, men are prone to these disorders at a younger age. Heart diseases for men are obviously the most fatal. But there are other equally serious disorders that await your lack of knowledge.

Here, are the top 5 diseases that men need to watch out for starting from their thirties.

Top 5 Health Problems Of Men:

1. Heart Diseases: We are not just talking about heart attacks. The term 'heart diseases' for men could include a variety of different conditions like COPD, angina, blockages etc. Men have weak hearts. There is no medical proof for it but men tend to suffer from more heart disorders than women. Earlier, cholesterol levels would start rising only after 40. But now, you could be detected with a high blood cholesterol level in your early 30s too. Get yourself checked for blockages once in a year and do Eco-cardiograms regularly if you are in the danger bracket.

2. Strokes: Before you ask the question, heart attacks and strokes are not the same things. Although their causes are interconnected, you cannot say that they are same things. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off and that results in the cells of the brain being starved. If you have high blood pressure and a stressful life, then you are under high risk for strokes.

3. Lung Cancer: This is the commonest cancer among men. If women are dying of cervical cancer, men are succumbing to lung cancer. Long years of smoking and the increasing pollution units are responsible for this disease becoming an epidemic. You cannot escape the pollution, but your lifestyle is in your hands.

4. Diabetes: Diabetes in general is one of the top health problems but for men it comes sooner than women. Women are protected from diabetes until they reach their menopause. It is the female reproductive hormone, estrogen that helps regulate blood sugar level in the body. Men have very little of this and thus fall prey to diabetes sooner than women.

5. Impotency: Although you cannot call it a disease in the strictest sense, impotency is a disease acquired by men very commonly these days. Various disorders like low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, etc are stopping them from leading a healthy family life. These are all products of an unhealthy and high-stress lifestyle.

These are diseases men should watch out for if they want to live longer and better.

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Story first published: Monday, April 2, 2012, 13:51 [IST]
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