Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief In Minutes

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Wisdom Tooth Pain
Are you finally getting some wisdom? If yes, then you surely must be getting a wisdom tooth, which comes along with pain. The wisdom tooth pain, can be very disturbing and the worst punishment one can ever get for getting wisdom.

However, the main cause for this pain is that it is situated right at the back end of the jaws. Thus, there is very less space left for the tooth to grow and the gum there is also more tough than the ususal oral gum. These factors makes it difficult for the teeth to come out, causing pain and swelling. Sometimes, the gum needs to be operated to allow the teeth to emerge. Some time in the process some ruptures are made to the gum and bacterial infections take place. Here are some ways for wisdom tooth pain relief with home remedies -

1.The first easy way of wisdom tooth pain relief is with the use of ice. It cures one of the major cause of pain that is swelling of the gum. It helps reduce the swelling of the gum tissues, thus providing some relief to the pain. Less of swelling also helps the teeth to come out.

2.Did you know that cucumber is one of the best ingrediants for wisdom tooth pain relief. Slice some cucumbers and place it on the affected tooth for 15-20 minutes. This will lessen the swelling and subside the pain.

3.Warm a black tea bag and hold it on the area. Back tea contains astringent properties which will relief you from pain.

4.Cloves have always been well known to treat tooth pain and it's anti-inflammatory properties and anesthetic quality also helps in wisdom tooth pain relief.

5.Peppermint is another natural herb which has anesthetic property and thus chewing it some time helps in lessening the pain.

If you too are suffering pain, try to follow these five wisdom tooth pain relief solutions.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2011, 12:37 [IST]
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