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Fight Monsoon Digestive Disorders

Monsoon season is heartily welcomed as it soothes the hot weather but the season also brings diseases with it. This season weakens the immune system and unhealthy diet leads to monsoon digestive disorders such as like constipation, dysentery, indigestion, vomiting, food poisoning etc. Other ailments such as gastro-intestinal infections like typhoid, cholera, diseases like malaria, jaundice and viral infections like cold and cough are also common.

It is very important to have clean and purified water during monsoon. Also, clean the feet if they get exposed to dirty rain water on the road to avoid getting fungal infections in toes. Have light meal, sour or salted soup, add ginger or green gram in daily diet and avoid eating uncooked, junk and oily food.

It is advised to keep the body warm as viruses attack easily when the body temperature goes down. Keep your home and yourself dry and clean. Clean your feet with antiseptic like Dettol every day to avoid getting infected. To avoid suffering from viral fever after getting wet, dry yourself as soon as you enter home.

How to fight monsoon digestive disorders?

  • To fight monsoon digestive disorders, have a glass of warm water mixed with honey empty stomach every morning. It flushes out accumulated toxins.
  • Have simple food like rice, wheat and green vegetables to have a good health and proper digestion.
  • Monsoon digestive disorders can be avoided by having ginger rice. It is easy to make and boosts up digestive functioning. Add crushed ginger and salt while boiling rice. Put 1 spoon ghee in the pan and fry the boiled rice. Sprinkle pepper powder and have it hot. It is light to digest and also relieves colic pain.
  • A small pinch of pepper powder and rock salt mixed with warm water cures cold and cough and boosts up digestion.
  • Even radish juice is healthy and also cures cold.

So, have a healthy diet to avoid getting monsoon digestive disorders and enjoy the rainy season.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 18:12 [IST]
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