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5 Strange Computer Related Disorders

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Computer Disorders
When can you call your condition a computer disorder? When your condition is due to regular and excessive use of computers, laptops, tablets and other cyber related technology. It is an accepted fact now that technology is making us sick at the same pace with which it is bettering our lives. Now a days, every profession is more about sitting in front of the computer than any kind of physical labour. So to call such computer related health issues occupational hazards is not wrong.

Here are some of unique computer disorders that you may not even be aware of.

Top 5 Strange Computer Disorders:

1. Trigger Finger: Have you ever felt a catch in your fingers when you try to straighten them? It is because of a lump in your finger joints. The tendons of the fingers loose their flexibility, as a result there is a tendency that your fingers get locked and open with a popping sound. Earlier trigger finger was a orthopedic condition in old age (post 50) but now it is a occupation hazard of keeping your fingers on the mouse 24x7!

2. Red Shoulder: This is a common ailment of all the techies! However it is more of a lifestyle disorder than anything else. Earlier people carried briefcases or folders to office, now the carry laptop bags. The difficulty is that these laptop bags strapped to every young man and woman's shoulders are heavy and beyond a point put unnecessary strain on the shoulder muscles. The result is severe pain on the shoulders (that become red)

3. Computer Posture Disorder: Can you sit straight for 8 hours in a day? It is very difficult even if you leave out the late nights and extra shifts. The tendency of the body is to slouch or settle into a more comfortable position. The result is a disorder that occurs due to bad posture. The effects are persistent back and neck pain that refuses to go away with balms or pain relief sprays.

4. Vision Disorder Or Dry Eyes: It doesn't matter if you wear anti-glare glasses, bad eye sight is an occupational hazard of staring at a glowing screen continuously. The weird part of this when we are staring at the screen, we tend to blink much fewer times that is normal or than we should. The eyes dry out and you come home rubbing them. It may sound like a small problem but it can cause very serious problems after a couple of years.

5. Impotency: Do not be surprised. Impotency is a common occupational hazard these days. If you keep your laptop directly on your lap then you have killed quite a few innocent sperms by now. Always use a plank or tray table to protect your reproductive organs from damage or this could be a cause of impotency after sustained use.

Follow some good health tips and to avoid these computer disorders because you cannot work with an unfit body.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2011, 12:21 [IST]
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