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Leg Pain And Easy Home Remedies

Leg Pain
One of the regular health disorders among people today is leg pain. It can be very irritating as it hinders your work process, distracts you and is a major weakness of your body. It is caused due to many factors like strained muscles, injuries, weak bone structure, improper gait, lack of calcium etc. Some of the major causes of leg pain are -

1.Peripheral Artery Disease – This disease leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels. This narrowing is caused due to decreased blood flow from the arteries to the legs. It causes blood clots, thus further hindering blood flow, thus causing pain.

2.Osteomyelitis – This is the infection of the bone. It affects joints mainly and causes terrible pain.

3.Peripheral Neuropathy - This is the inflammation of peripheral nerves. This is usually the symptom of Diabetes and loss of Vitamin. Alcoholism is also one of the major causes.

Sometimes a regular pain can be the start of one of the major leg diseases. Thus, it's important to take care from the time you experience pain. Here are few easy home remedies for leg pain -

1.Rub your legs regularly with mustard oil. Specially in the night. After an oil massage for about 20 minutes wrap it up with a cotton cloth. Your pain will subside within few minutes. Regular practice can cure your pain completely.

2.Iron a piece of cloth and soak it in vinegar. Place it on the legs and joints.

3.Dry some methi leaves under sun. Grind it into a powder and mix one spoon in one glass of water. Drink it everyday in the morning.

4.Apply lobelia paste on the leg and massage the paste for 20 minutes.

5.Mix 10 grams of camphor and 200 grams of mustard oil in a bottle. Put this bottle under the sun. After it is warm, massage this oil on the leg.

6.Regular intake of live oil is a good treatment for pain.

7.Boil ' cup of water with ' spoon of saffron. Divide the solution in three parts and drink it thrice a day.

8.Eat 3-4 walnuts everyday in empty stomach.

9.Increase intake of cheese, soya beans, milk, nuts, green vegetables, eggs, banana and sprouts.

Regular use of these home remedies for leg pain will give you relief from the pain soon. Diet is very important. In case of nervous problem avoid intake of tomatoes.

Story first published: Thursday, November 25, 2010, 11:14 [IST]
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