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Exclusive: Fitness Lover Sonu Sood Unravels His Diet And Workout Routine On His Birthday

This man's fitness videos are enough to motivate you, to drag yourself to the gym and follow a workout routine. A great chiselled physique like this doesn't come easy and this fitness lover never cheats on his diet. Age is just a number for this 46-year-old producer and actor, who was born on 30th July and known for his power-packed performances in the super hit movies like 'Dabangg', 'Shootout at Wadala', 'Happy New Year', 'Simmba' and so on. This man brings all his reel characters to life with his superb acting skills. Even if he plays a villain in the movie, we love to hate this man.

In an exclusive interview with Boldsky, birthday boy Sonu Sood unravels his fitness secrets. While girls can cut themselves to get a selfie with him, men are either envious of his physique or look at him as a fitness guru.

No doubt that his fans and social media platforms are in awe of his fitness regime. When asked about what's the one thing that he follows like a fitness mantra, Sood tells us,

"Staying fit is a wellness concept. Fitness cannot be compromised because it's the foundation of your personal and professional growth".

Sonu Sood's Daily Fitness Routine

When asked secret behind his young looks and daily fitness routine, Sonu said,

"I think looking young happens naturally when you love what you do and lead a healthy living. For over a decade, I've maintained the same body type and physique, because working out and eating healthy have both been constants. My daily routine comprises of shoots, meetings, working out and spending time with my family".

He also mentioned briefly about his training saying,

"I try reinventing my workout with a mix of functional training, weights, running and cardio. I like my workout to be challenging and I hit the gym with the goal to outdo myself. My trainer, Yogesh has been training and guiding me for years now. He understands how my body responds to different forms of workout and makes sure that I have something new to experiment with".

How Sonu Keeps A Balance Between His Workout And Shooting

Keeping a balance between workout and shooting might be very hard for celebrities. On this account, Sonu said,

"Staying fit is a wellness concept. Fitness cannot be compromised because it's the foundation of your personal and professional growth. Even when I'm busy shooting, I carve out time for exercise. There is so much fulfilment in eating right and working out. It keeps you at the top of your game. No matter how occupied my day is, I make sure I'm right on schedule as far as fitness goes".

Sood also said that fitness is a prerequisite, an actor can't do without.

"Shooting for films for hours with no break takes energy. Your fitness level determines the quality of work you'll be able to present before the camera. A lot of times, getting under the skin of the character involves adjustments in your workout and diet. Nailing the character's look makes the rest of the job a piece of cake. Fitness is a prerequisite, an actor can't do without".

Sonu Sood's Diet Plan

Many people are unaware of it but Sonu is a vegetarian who believes in simple and homemade meals.

"I have been a vegetarian all my life. I insist on homemade meals. I am a non-smoker and a teetotaler. A balanced diet goes a long way in fueling your workout and vice versa. My favourite food is makki di roti and sarso da saag".

Sonu also believes that along with physical fitness and a healthy diet, staying emotionally healthy is also important. In this regard, he told Boldsky,

"I believe in wholesome wellness. Staying emotionally happy is just as challenging as being fit, if not more. I think the key is striking a balance between work and play. Spending time with my family and friends keeps me grounded. Travelling gives me a new perspective".

Fitness Advice To Youngsters

When asked about any advice to youngsters, Sonu says,

"I would urge teenagers to not go after fads. It's important to not get carried away by the digital era. I would advise youngsters to try outdoor sports like cricket, football, hiking and trekking and experiences that enrich your growth".

Message To His Fans On His Birthday

"I want to thank my fans for always loving me regardless of the characters I have essayed. I cherish them dearly and credit them for my successes. I try to deliver the best to them through my work".

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