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Fitness Tips To Get Abs Like Katrina Kaif

It's been more than a decade since Katrina Kaif debuted in Bollywood. With each passing year, this quintessential diva has taken her fitness game to a whole new level. Disciplined physical activity and regular exercise not only boost up your muscle and bone strength [1] , but can also help you achieve envious abs like Katrina.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that training your body takes patience and perseverance. It doesn't happen overnight. But with these simple fitness tips, you can make your abs workout pay off sooner than you believe. Read on to find out how:

1. Follow A Mandatory Warm-Up Regime

It is always important to start off with a warm-up session to avoid injuries [2] . Light stretching and gentle standing rotation of your midsection will help you prepare the muscles for the training.

2. Focus On The Burn

Mind and body are deeply connected. So try not to be distracted by other thoughts and to concentrate on exercise while you are working out. With more focus, you will be less likely to invite any kind of injury.

3. Keep Your Rib Cage Closed

It is advisable to keep your rib cage closed when you lower down from a sit-up. This gives your lower back the necessary support and 'crunch' your abs more.

4. Do Not Forget To Breathe

Your core muscles need adequate oxygen to work out at full capacity [3] . So timely inhaling and exhaling are the key to a fruitful workout session.

5. Rotate, Twist And Turn

Introduce abs exercises that make your body work in all dimensions instead of repeating one certain movement throughout.

6. Lift Some Weight

Include some weight into your regular workout regime to strengthen and tone up your abs sooner [4] .

7. Mix Some Squats

Squats are a good way to improve abs strength. They make the muscles of your stomach and lower back area stronger [5] .

8. Lower Back Training

Core exercises that target your abs, need to be balanced with specific low-back exercises. Strengthening your lower back completes the cycle of a perfect abs workout.

9. Practice Balancing

Balance work is a part of building stable and stronger abs. Whether you use a bosu ball, a stability ball, a balance board or just practice standing on one leg - you should challenge your core area (the midsection of your body including front, back and the sides) for a better result.

10. Follow A Protein-rich Diet

Diet plays a major role in getting the dream physique you are aspiring to achieve. Blend a lot of lean protein, low-fat dairy products, fruit and vegetables and whole grain in your daily diet to make the best of your workout.

11. Get Enough Rest And Sleep

Sleep and adequate rest help your muscles to recover and repair from the strain of vigorous training. Go slow and give your abs a day of rest between two days of workout [6] .

To summarise, there is no short cut to those attractive abs. However, a slow and steady approach with a mix of proper diet and rest will speed up the results.

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