How To Stay Healthy On A Vacation?

By Neha Ghosh

As the summer vacation has already started in all the schools and colleges. Most family members are planning to go out on a vacation to unwind, rejuvenate, to see new places and try new things.

Vacation also means gaining excess weight and those who are struggling to lose weight, eating outside can make you feel uneasy. This article will tell you how to stay healthy while on a vacation.

how to stay healthy on a vacation

While on a vacation, with each bite or sip that you take, you can undo your every hard work and make it much harder to lose weight.

Eating less or not eating at all is the biggest diet mistake most people make on a vacation. But, it can also make it tough to stay fit and healthy.

However, the good news is that, feeling healthy during vacation and post-vacation is totally possible. You just need to make a few smart choices that will keep you energized and active while enjoying your vacation as well.

Here's how to stay healthy on a vacation

1. Resist The Urge To Splurge

According to a noted study, women tend to splurge when they eat outside and end up eating too much of meals. This means that this leads to an abundance of calories and fat that day, which is much more than what the body needs. It is advisable to not overindulge in eating and choose low-calorie foods and drinks that will not make you gain weight.

2. Have It Your Way

According to a recent National Restaurant Association report, in table-service restaurants customers are asking to have it their way more often. If you are looking to not gain weight while on a vacation, you can customize your menu items suiting your preference and taste. You can also ask to have your meal prepared or dressed in a different way.

3. Walking Is Good For You

While you are sightseeing other places, walking is the best exercise if it's closer by. If the places are a little far away, you could go cycling too. Both walking and cycling can help in losing weight effectively. Walking can burn off those extra calories that you consumed. After dinner or lunch, take a stroll outside or do an early morning hike.

4. Indulge In Moderation

It is sometimes okay to have an extra scoop of ice cream or trying out a new dish. But, health experts advise filling up on fats, proteins, and high-fibre foods that will keep your tummy fuller for longer period of time. This will help you resist on those unwanted cravings at dessert time.

5. Never Skip Breakfast

While rushing to the airport or visiting new places, never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the first most important meal of the day and should not be negotiated. Skipping your breakfast could leave you craving for food in less than ideal situations later on in the day.

6. Stay Hydrated

While travelling, it is essential that you carry a bottle of water in order to keep yourself hydrated. The body might suffer with dehydration, which could lead to constipation, low energy, headaches, irritability, sluggish metabolism, sugar cravings, muscle cramps and fatigue. And you definitely wouldn't want these things to happen while on a vacation.

7. Pack Your Own Snacks

How to stay healthy when on a vacation? Health experts say that one of the biggest reasons people tend to overeat is due to spending long time without eating, especially when they are sightseeing. To avoid this situation, pack your own fruits, nuts and dry fruits that can really help you while you are on the move.

8. Avoid Eating Raw Foods

If you love eating salads, don't go to every place to try out your exotic salads. If you are having raw fruits and veggies, make sure to peel the fruits and vegetables or wash it properly yourself, it's fine. Try eating cooked vegetables, as they are cooked and boiled properly for preparation.

9. Choose One Big Meal

It is better that you choose one big meal when you are going to let yourself taste all of the local foods. Fill half of your plate with nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. You could also add little amount of protein foods and other foods like potatoes or whole grains.

10. Share Your Meals

When you want to indulge in some unhealthy food, split it with someone else. Share your meals, so that you don't put up on extra calories and, in this way, you will truly experience all the local cuisine and delicacies. You will get to enjoy your vacation and you won't restrict yourself to finish everything on your plate.

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