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9 Inflammatory Foods That Cause Weight Gain

If you are someone who is yearning to lose weight in order to become healthy and get back in shape, then you would definitely be looking up for diet tips, which can help you lose weight quickly, right?

Many of the weight loss tips out there that we read or hear, ask us to do certain things regularly if we want to lose weight, the healthy way.

Some of those things include sticking to a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, having your hormones checked to see if they are the cause for weight gain, etc.

While following a weight loss diet, certain foods are completely restricted, as they can cause a significant amount of weight gain quickly.

Fried foods, foods rich in oil, ghee and butter, cheesy foods, certain types of meat, sweets, etc., are some foods which must totally be avoided if you want to lose weight. This fact, most of us already knew.

However, there are certain unexpected foods as well that can cause inflammation in the body, which in turn releases a type of hormone in the body, causing weight gain.

So, here are a few inflammatory foods that can cause weight gain.


1. Dairy Products

Milk, butter, ghee and even yoghurt, which is deemed to be very healthy, fall under the category of ‘inflammatory foods', which can cause inflammation in the digestive system, as the protein and fat content in these dairy products are hard to digest.

The inflammation caused can release hormones in the body, which are linked to causing weight gain and also other digestive problems. Not to mention that the high amount of calories in dairy products can also add to the weight gain.


2. Artificial Sweeteners

People who are on a weight loss diet, often opt for foods and beverages which claim to have artificial sweeteners in them, which are not supposed to be as fattening as actual sugar. However, the fact is that, artificial sweeteners can also be very harmful for health and can cause a number of conditions, including inflammation, which can lead to weight gain.


3. Pork

A lot of us love to consume dishes made from pork and bacon is a global-favourite! We may already know of the fact that pork is high in fat content, so it can cause weight gain. However, in addition to its high fat content, pork is also an inflammatory food, which can cause inflammation in the digestive system, further upping your risk of weight gain.


4. White Bread

Most people already know that white bread can be harmful for health, as it has a higher level of starch compared to brown bread. But, the fact is that white bread, apart from causing a number of other health problems, can also cause weight gain, as the gluten content in it can lead to inflammation inside your body, thus releasing certain weight gain hormones.


5. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is very commonly used in cooking everyday dishes in most households, especially in counties like India. Research studies have found that consuming dishes made from vegetable oil can also cause inflammation in the body, as the unhealthy fatty acid chain in these vegetable oils can be hard to digest. This factor can in turn lead to weight gain.


6. Fast Food

Frozen meals, pizza, burgers, fries, etc., which are called "fast foods" because they are prepared using processed and preserved ingredients, can also cause inflammation in the body, along with a number of other major health conditions such as heart problems and high blood pressure. The inflammation caused by fast foods is linked to weight gain.


7. Baked Foods

If you are a fan of baked items such as cakes, muffins, cookies, etc., and you consume them on a fairly regular basis, then you might want to stay away from them because they are also foods which can cause inflammation-related weight gain. Baked foods contain a high amount of trans fat, which can cause inflammation in the body and other ailments such as digestive problems and diabetes.


8. Alcohol

Alcohol is a beverage and not a food, technically, and yet, it is one of the most inflammatory substances that a person can ingest. The preparation process of alcohol makes it highly inflammatory and it can cause instant inflammation in the human body. So, consuming alcohol on a regular basis can also cause inflammation-related weight gain.


9. Mayonnaise

Today, mayonnaise is widely used in the preparation of a number of tasty delicacies - ranging from sandwiches to pizzas, because mayo makes everything taste great! However, the mayonnaise contains a lot of preservatives and oils that can also cause inflammation in the body, which can eventually cause weight gain.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 19:14 [IST]
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