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7 Weight-loss Secrets Of Fit People

You have made a promise to yourself that you will try to lose weight and get fitter this year, so the first thing that comes to your mind is to go on a hardcore diet, right?

Well, most of us, especially people who have been on the weight loss journey before, know for a fact that, this process is not very easy at all!

Losing weight and getting fitter requires a tremendous amount of effort, self-control and discipline, in order to be able to change your current lifestyle into a healthy one that can facilitate weight loss.

We have been told by most sources we know, that losing weight requires a person to completely give up on their favourite foods, eat very little food, count calories, etc.

In fact, fearing all the above-mentioned dietary changes that a person is expected to make in order to lose weight, many of them don't even start the process or give up mid-way!

While it is true that a healthy diet, along with a regular exercise routine is important to aid weight loss, it does not mean that people have to give up on most foods completely and stick to very little food!

So, here are a few tips and secrets of people who lose weight and stay fit, without "dieting".

1. Walk, Walk And Walk

We already know that walking is good for our healthy and can also burn calories; however, most of tend to consciously make an effort to walk. Walking to the store, walking half way to work and back (if it is really far), walking to the gym, etc., instead of taking cabs or your own vehicles can help you burn a lot of calories, without even you noticing. This can help you stay fit and lose weight the healthy way, without having to starve yourself! Walking 10,000 steps a day can help you stay fit and maintain your weight loss, effortlessly.

2. Meals And TV Don't Mix Well

Many of us make this mistake of consuming our meals or snacks, in front of a TV or a laptop, so that we can enjoy a show or a movie while eating. However, this habit is known to make a person eat more than required, according to number of research studies, making them gain weight. So, eating without any distractions can help you lose weight naturally.

3. Say Goodbye To Stress

If you are someone who has high levels of stress, due to your demanding job, financial situation, personal problems, etc., then you must take measure to reduce stress, as stress can increase the cortisol hormone levels in the body. Cortisol hormone can trigger weight gain in people or come in the way of people trying to lose weight.

4. Water Is Key

We have been told time and again by health advice columns and experts that consuming at least 2 litres of water per day is crucial if you want to stay healthy. Even when it comes to weight loss, without having to starve yourself, good hydration can be of great help, as water can boost your metabolic rate and aid weight loss naturally.

5. Make Exercise Your Friend

If you want to lose weight, without having to go on "crazy diets" or eating very little, then maintaining a healthy exercise routine is a must. Without exercising, even starving yourself will only work for a while and it is very unhealthy. Regular exercise can also boost your metabolic rate and allow the body to burn fat faster, if you are having healthy, balanced meals.

6. Stop When You Are Full

Not having to go on diets does not mean that you can eat anything and eat even when you are full or do not feel hungry. Listen to your body and eat healthy, nutritious foods and stop when you feel full. Overeating will definitely hinder weight loss, even if you are exercising a lot. So, pay attention to your food portions and eat mindfully.

7. Try Essential Oils

It has been found by a number of research studies that there are certain essential oils like grapefruit oil, which can help control your appetite naturally, while also boosting your metabolic rate, thus allowing weight loss. Adding a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to a glass of water and consuming it before breakfast can kick-start your metabolism.

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