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7 Foods That Have More Calcium Than A Glass Of Milk!

"Finish your glass of milk, right now and do not leave a drop!", this was something most of us used to hear from our parents when we were children, isn't it?

Well, our parents and elders made sure that we drank milk at least once a day because they knew that milk is an extremely nutritious drink, full of calcium!

Growing children need more nutrients, especially nutrients like calcium, which enables better bone and muscle growth.

Without nutrients like calcium, a child's skeletal growth can be stunted and result in a short stature, weak bones, etc., making them prone to fractures.

So, calcium is a very important nutrient for children. However, that does not mean adults do not require calcium at all.

In fact, as we grow older, we need more calcium in order to keep our bones and muscles strong, because we know that, ageing can deteriorate the health of our bones and muscles.

Calcium also has other health benefits like improving heart health, preventing cancer and diabetes, lowering high BP, etc.

List of Calcium Rich Foods

So, here are some foods which have more calcium than a glass of milk, which you can add to your diet:

1. Salmon

Fish, as we know, is an extremely nutritious food, which is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Salmon, is a variety of fish, which is also rich in calcium, along with other nutrients. 170 g of salmon fish has about 350 mg of calcium, which satisfies your daily calcium requirement. Salmon also has other health benefits like aiding weight loss, treating depression, improving skin health, boosting energy naturally, etc.

2. Ricotta Cheese

Many of us love cheesy foods like pizzas, pasta, etc., and we know that cheese is a product of milk and so it does contain calcium. However, not all types of cheeses have a lot of calcium and not all of them are healthy. Some cheeses contain low calcium, but are high in fat. However, ricotta cheese is healthy and also contains about 380 mg of calcium per ¾th of a cup. So, you can add ricotta cheese to your dishes to make them healthier!

3. Chia Seeds

Lately, chia seeds have become an extremely popular superfood, owing to their many health benefits. Adding chia seeds to your salads and dishes can make them extremely nutritious. 100 g of chia seeds contain about 631 mg of calcium, which is a lot! Some of the other health benefits of chia seeds include aiding weight loss, improving brain function, boosting metabolism, treating infertility, etc.

4. Almonds

As we know, nuts are extremely healthy and nutritious and all of us must make nuts like almonds, cashewnuts, walnuts, etc., a part of our regular diet. ¾th cup of almonds contain about 320 mg of calcium. A number of people today, especially people who follow the vegan diet, prefer consuming almond milk, rather than cow's milk, as almond milk is known to be less fattening, but equally nutritious! Some of the other health benefits of almonds are lowering blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, improving concentration, treating erectile dysfunction, etc.

5. Spinach

Most leafy greens are healthy and it is safe to say that spinach is the king of leafy greens, owing to its many healthy benefits. Spinach is also rich in calcium, as a cup of spinach contains about 394 mg of calcium. The other health benefits of spinach are improving the haemoglobin levels, boosting energy, improving digestive health, boosting metabolism, etc.

6. Orange Juice

Orange juice, the organic, zero sugar and zero preservatives variety, is extremely healthy, especially when consumed in the mornings. We already know that orange juice is rich in vitamin C and so it comes with a number of health benefits. Orange juice is also rich in calcium, as 1 glass of it can contain up to 350 mg of calcium. The other health benefits of orange juice include improving immunity, boosting the health of pregnant women, burning body fat quickly by improving metabolism, etc.

7. Chickpeas (Chana)

Chickpeas, or channa, is a gram used to make a lot of dishes, and is famous for the 'channa bathura', we all know and love! Apart from being rich in protein, chickpea is also rich in calcium content, as one and a half cup of chickpeas contains about 350 mg of calcium. The other health benefits of chickpeas include aiding muscle building, facilitating muscle recovery, boosting metabolic rate to allow weight loss, improving gut health, etc.

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