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10 Tips On How To Get A Healthy Summer Body

By Neha Ghosh

Every year, around the summer season, gyms get the influx of new members wanting to get "beach-ready" bodies in time for summer.

People go crazy trying to find a perfect abs workout and the right fad diet that promises to make them fit and fabulous in summer. Here you will come to know of how to get a healthy summer body.

Is there anything wrong with that? No, there's nothing wrong with wanting to shape up for the summer. But it's important to go about it in a healthy manner that promotes your overall health and does not push you toward unhealthy fad dieting or injury from overly intense workouts.

As fabulous as it would be to go from size 16 to size 6 in one month, it is simply not sustainable or workable. The kinds of diets that promise the kind of impossibly fast change in body shape are usually those that encourage you to starve yourself and deprive your body of the essential nutrients in favour of dropping the weight.

This summer, don't fall for these things, which are often the reason why so many people's healthy goals fail.

Here are 10 tips on how to get a healthy summer body

1. Avoid Falling Into The "Quick Fix" Trap

Instead of jumping on the next ten-day juice cleanse or giving up carbohydrates completely, make small, healthy consistent changes in your lifestyle. Many studies have shown that those who concentrate on slow and steady lifestyle changes are far better at sustaining it. Start small, and make healthy changes that work for you. It can be anything from eating a healthy breakfast or adding one more workout to your week counts. The secret to lasting lifestyle change is to keep going in a positive direction.

2. Get Off The Scale

The problem with the weighing scale is that it can show the wrong results, it can be frustrating when it barely budges. It doesn't reflect gaining muscle, and it can just become something you hate doing. There are better ways to assess results, like how your clothes fit, and how your energy levels are. If you can use the scale in a way that gives you a positive mindset, then go ahead. But if it stresses you out, consider tossing it, and tracking other more important variables instead.

3. Get Your Heart Pumping

Regular exercise is great for both physical and mental wellness. Make movements part of your life and exercise most days of the week. For cardio exercise, aim for at least 20 minutes, every day and for five to six days per week for aerobic and fitness improvement. There is no need to hit the gym every day. You can vary your cardiovascular training with low, moderate, and high intensities. This will keep your heart pumping and also give you the desired body shape.

4. Strength Training

Strength training is the secret to maintaining a healthy body and mind throughout every season of your life. It boosts your metabolism by increasing the metabolic rate, allowing the body to burn more calories throughout the day. Strength training also increases lean muscle mass and overall strength, helping to improve performance, endurance, and energy levels. These things work to aid you maintain your weight goals over a long period of time.

5. Don't Diet

Do not diet, just eating healthy is the key. If you go on a diet, you will eventually have to end the diet some day. Want a lasting, healthy, positive change? Improve your relationship with food and learn to nourish your body. Don't just eat salads this summer, learn about nutrition and how to eat to feel amazing. Have healthy snacks, juices, bottled water, sandwiches, vegetable sticks with hummus, yogurts and endless amounts of fruit.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat which contains essential monounsaturated fats that will help the skin resist the UV damage this summer. These monounsaturated fats are part of the cell membranes that lock in all that moisture your body loses through heat and sweat during the summer. In order to protect your skin and keeping it soft, consume about 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily or add it to a healthy salad or fish recipes in order to get all those essential fatty acids.

7. Beware Of Healthy Smoothies

Homemade fruit smoothies are an excellent way to keep you refreshed throughout the summer, but watch out for smoothies made with frozen yogurts or ice cream, as they can be extremely high in calories. A healthy smoothie should be made with fruits, low-fat yogurt and ice. Use any fruit that you like and throw it all in a blender to make a perfect summer drink.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water

During the hot summer months, heat and sweat can leave your body feeling dehydrated. A lack of water is harmful to your body and can also make you crave food when you are not actually hungry. So, it's incredibly important to keep your body hydrated by drinking at least eight to nine glasses of water a day. If you are bored of drinking plain water, add a piece of fruit, or opt for healthy alternatives like green tea or coconut water.

9. Avoid Drastic Changes

Don't drastically alter your diet; sudden changes can do your body more harm than good. Cut back on sugar and avoid having excess salt. However, do not suddenly go on a health kick, but eat loads of fruit and vegetables or fibre-rich foods. If your body is not used to these sudden changes, they may cause uncomfortable bloating, instead ease them into your diet gradually.

10. Always Apply Sunscreen

It is very important to use a sunscreen lotion of at least an SPF 30 in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays during the hot summer months. For sensitive skin, a mineral-based sunscreen works best and don't sit in the sun in peak hours between 10 am and 4 pm in order to minimize UV radiation. If you are planning to be out in the sun for a long period of time, reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours once minimum.

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