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Check Out Shahid Kapoor’s Fitness & Diet Secrets For His Role In The Movie ‘Padmavati’!

By Chandana Rao

Most of us would have heard of the upcoming blockbuster 'Padmavati', right?

'Padmavati' is a much talked about movie that all of us have been waiting to watch, starring two of the biggest celebrities in Bollywood today - Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor.

When we look at the trailers and posters of this movie, one of the first things we notice, is how fabulous both Shadid and Deepika look!

It definitely seems like Shahid Kapoor has gone for a complete body make-over, for the role of Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh, to look like a majestic king, with a strong build!

Those powerful-looking biceps, the well-defined abs and his overall fit body in the movie, surely can make heads turn!

While the women folk are busy drooling over Shahid's fit body, the men might be inspired to try and attain that level of fitness themselves!

Now, we know that getting fit and building a perfectly chiselled body can be rather hard and would require a lot of hard work, determination and discipline!

So, you can imagine what most of the celebrities who build their bodies have to go through, in order to look extremely fit!

Building muscles requires a lot of working out at the gym, a very strict diet regime and giving up on a lot of your favourite foods!

A great-looking, toned body and six-pack abs do not come easily or do not happen overnight.

It does take some time and usually when celebrities want to attain a body make-over, they start months before the shoot!

Now, as laymen or non-celebrities, completely dedicating our time to fitness may not be feasible; however, we can take some pointer from the diet and fitness regime that celebrities follow and make way for a fitter lifestyle!

So, here are a few diet and fitness tips from Shahid Kapoor's regime for the movie 'Padmavati'.


Tip #1. Fitness Chef:

Shadid appointed the Canadian fitness chef, Kelvin Cheung to prepare balanced meals for him, in accordance with his fitness regime. So, if you want healthy meals, tailor made for your needs, you could consider going to a dietician.


Tip #2. Healthy Snacks:

Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods like chips or cookies, Shahid snacked on sweet nuggets made from coconut milk, fruits like mangoes, etc., at regular intervals, to keep hunger pangs at bay.


Tip #3. Avoid Artificial Sugar:

Shahid also cut out all forms of artificial sugars from his diet and just stuck to natural sugars derived from fruits, because artificial sugars can not only make you gain weight, but can also cause stomach problems.


Tip #4. Leafy Greens:

His meals usually consisted of leafy greens like kale, veggies like broccoli and also foods very low in fat and high in protein content, because a high-protein diet is essential to build muscle mass.


Tip #5. Cut Down On Sugar & Salt:

In addition, Shahid also cut out sugar and salt completely from his diet for 15 days, because both sugar and salt can trigger weight gain and also cause bloating.


Tip #6. Steamed Vegetables:

Shahid's diet also included steamed vegetables. Steamed vegetables do not contain any oil and are high in antioxidants and other nutrients, so they can keep you fit, and also make your skin glow!


Tip #7. Boot Camp Fitness Regime:

In order to attain the chiselled look for the movie, the actor went on a strict boot camp fitness regime, where he worked out for 2 hours a day! Even working out for an hour a day can make us fit enough!


Tip #8. Cross Fit:

Shahid included workout programs like cross fit, functional training, training with ladders, tyres, ropes, etc., to help build muscle mass. Cross fit and functional training are extremely effective forms of workout even for us!

There are many cross fit and functional training centers in most cities today, at affordable prices, so enrolling yourself into one of them can surely make you fitter.


Tip #9. Respiratory Mask Workout:

Shahid also practiced a special type of workout to increase his stamina and lung capacity to endure the long shooting hours. This workout is known as the ‘respiratory mask workout', which is also offered at specialised sports centres in cities for people looking to improve their stamina.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 11:25 [IST]
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