Easy Home Exercises To Build Muscles

By Chandreyee Sen

Staying healthy and fit is the dream of every individual. But, when it comes to actual implementation, most of us fail to accomplish it either because of our busy schedule or due to the gym being really expensive.

Everyone has a notion that only by visiting the gym a person can get the desired body shape and form.

However, it is not always the expensive gym instruments that help you get in shape. In fact, there are a lot of home exercises too that assist in developing toned muscles.

exercises to build muscles

These exercises are hassle free, and one doesn't need to invest an extra hour or money at the gym or fitness centre.

Given below is the list of these home exercises, which if you follow on a daily basis for at least an hour, will work wonders.


Shedding those extra kilos on your belly doesn't require too much of hard work. If you wish to have a toned abdomen, then start with sit-ups or curl-ups that help in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Sit-ups can be done early in the morning. Start with an intermediate level and slowly increase the time.

However, if you suffer from any back pain, then avoid doing sit-ups, as these can increase back pain and aching of the lower back. It is always advisable to consult a doctor or an expert before starting the exercise.


Squats help in toning your hip and thigh muscles. It reduces the extra fat that gets accumulated in this area and is a major reason for joint aches in the knees, waist, and ankles.

As you start performing this exercise, you push your hip and butt back and start pushing your knees while going down as much as possible. Your position should be neutral.

As you try to get up, don't jump in. Rather, try to get up on your heels slowly. At first, start doing squats slowly and then, with time, progress to a more challenging level.


Push-ups are the most common form of exercise that every expert suggests to get those desired six-pack abs. This exercise helps in strengthening the muscles of the chest, shoulder, triceps, and core.

Push-ups are a must in your daily routine. While doing push-ups, you must place your hand on the floor with your chest touching it and then raising your body up by giving pressure on your hands and palms. Start doing ten initially and then increase your count slowly.


As the name suggests, pull-ups help in building muscles efficiently. It can be performed in various ways. If you have any particular requirement of losing fat from a specific part of the body, then pull-ups are what you should opt for. Pull-ups are conducted to strengthen the upper back, shoulder, and lats.

Tricep Dips:

Tricep Dips help in removing the extra fat on the arms and gives your hand muscles a toned shape. People think that the machines in the gym can assist them with their triceps. But, you can instead use your body weight for tricep dips.

While sitting on the edge of the chair, you can place your hands at the edge, and lower your body as much as you can. Repeat these steps for at least ten counts in a day.


Getting a six pack is not just the desire of men, rather women too wish the same. Crunches help you strengthen your core muscles and helps in overall muscle building. But an excess of this exercise to get a flat tummy quickly can be detrimental.

This exercise can be performed while down on a mattress. Then, fold your knees and keep your feet flat. With the help of your abdominal muscles, lift your shoulder and pause for a few seconds. In this process, continue to exhale in and out.

Walking Lunges:

Walking lunges is a great exercise if one wishes to strengthen the thigh muscles. Stand straight, keep your feet hip apart and take a giant leap with knees bent at 90 degrees. Keep your knees over ankles and hips over the shoulder. Continue this for 10 minutes a day to get the desired shape of the thigh muscles.


Running makes you lose a lot of fat as you tend to sweat profusely. Running necessarily doesn't mean running on a treadmill. It can be in the form of a 5-km long run or circling for five times around the playground. This will shape your leg muscles and make you active and energetic. Do this exercise regularly twice a day.

Apart from all the above-mentioned exercises, a morning or evening walk or simply jogging can do wonders in keeping you fit and active.

However, if you have any pre-existing diseases, you must consult a doctor before opting for any of these exercises. Exercises are meant to keep you healthy and not to escalate your pain.

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    Story first published: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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