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Why Warming Up Is Crucial

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Most of us directly start off with lifting weights which is very dangerous. A warm up session is very important. Without letting your body know what you are up to, you can't strain it like that.

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There are some real benefits of warming up before exercise. You can prepare your whole system for intense workouts. It is a gradual process. You can't shock your body all of a sudden like that. It hurts.

In fact, warming up is compulsory especially if you are into lifting weights. When you warm up, the blood circulation gets better and this will prevent stiffness in your muscles.

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The risk of injuring yourself during the workout significantly reduces when you warm up before doing anything intense. In fact, warming up is like foreplay before an intense romantic session. So, if you love your body and its safety, warm up first!


Benefit #1

Why warming up is called warming up is because the temperature of your muscles literally increases during the process. When muscles are warmed up they become more flexible and they can relax and contract better.


Benefit #2

The elasticity of your muscles increases and this will reduce strain on the joints and injury.


Benefit #3

As your blood vessels dilate, the flow of blood becomes smooth and your heart stays healthy throughout the workout.


Benefit #4

As your body's heating and cooling mechanisms work better after a warm up, you will be able to manage the workout well.


Benefit #5

Your endurance improves as your muscles get more oxygen if you warm up before the exercise.


Benefit #6

If you are lifting weights or running, the range of motion of all joints will enhance with a warm up session and this will enhance our performance in the exercise.


Benefit #7

A warm up impacts the hormonal action in your body. This will make more energy available and the process gets effortless.


Benefit #8

Also, a warm up is like preparing yourself mentally for a big event or an intense session. It helps prepare your whole system before you shock it with intense activity.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 12:06 [IST]
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