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Wall-Sits: Tone Your Legs In 5 Minutes!

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Most of us love to go to the gym but we don't have that much of time. And when it comes to trying any workout at home, we seldom know of any effective exercise that shows results in a short span of time. Also, we see workouts as time-consuming and that's why we keep them out of our busy schedules.

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But how about toning your legs fast in just 5 minutes? What if you are able to look fitter by just spending 5 minutes of your time 3 times a week?
Yes, if you can intensely engage your muscles, very short workouts can give you the best results. Let us now know about the wall sit workout.

How To Do: Simply do a basic warm up. Stretch a bit and get the blood flowing. Once you are ready for the workout, simply jog for a minute on the spot. That will get your legs ready. Now simply bend a little and go to wall sit position.

Just imagine you are sitting in a chair. Bend a little and sit in the air like you sit in the chair. This applies pressure over your legs as your legs carry the weight of your upper body without the help of a chair.

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You can do this workout by leaning against a wall too. Start by holding this position for one minute and gradually increase it to 5 minutes in a matter of a couple of months. You will see results by then. Now, here are other 5 minute workouts.


The Pushup Position

If you don't have the time or the patience to do 100 pushups, just try to hold the pushup position for 5 minutes. Of course, on the first day, start with holding for 1 minute. Simply go into the push up position and stay in that position for a minute.


The Pull-Up Position

Lift your body while performing a pushup and hold that position for 5 minutes. Very difficult, right? Start by holding it for a minute. Its a great workout.


Hold The Squat

With or without weights, perform a squat and hold it for a minute and gradually increase it to 5 minutes.


Hold The Plank Postion

If you can hold the plank position for 5 minutes every day, your belly fat will be gone.


The Bench Press Hold

While doing the bench press, hold the weights above your chest and stay in that position for a minute. You can gradually increase it to 5 minutes.



Use a chair for support and bend your body while performing dips. Hold the lower position for a few minutes.



Try to hold the headstand position for a few minutes every day. This workout is very good for blood circulation.

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