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Tone Your Butt With Donkey Kick Workout

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Most of us have seen how a donkey kicks but we aren't aware of the fact that a workout exists in that name! And yes, it is a very efficient workout that tones the lower areas.

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Most of the fitness models regularly perform this workout to shape their butt and make it look firm. It's a basic aerobic exercise though there are many variations to it.

As it engages the lower back muscles along with your hip, it should a part of your leg workout. Never do this workout daily. Do it only on alternate days or thrice a week. A worked out muscle needs a day off for recovery.

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Remember that your legs are among the largest muscles of your whole body and they take more work to get toned and stimulated. Also, this workout can reduce cellulite issues too.


How To Perform It: Step 1

Get on to the flour on fours. As seen the picture, get on to your hands and knees like a four legged animal. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders. Your hips and knees should be aligned. Push your abs inside during the workout.


How To Perform It: Step 2

Simply lift one leg up and hold it for a few seconds and bring it back to the original position. Repeat the process for other leg too. Do 20 reps a day. When you lift your leg, ensure that you lift it in line with your body. Your thigh should align parallel to the ground when you lift your leg. Bend your foot a bit to point the sky.


Muscle Groups

This workout is an isolation workout and focuses on your lower body. Your core, legs, butt and lower back get engaged well. There are three major butt muscles and this workout stimulates all three.



There are many variations too. You can do this in standing position by leaning on a wall and lifting your legs.


Never Forget To Warm Up

Before doing this workout you might first need to free up your leg muscles and pump enough blood into them by warming up a bit. Otherwise, you might experience soreness and pain.


You Don't Need Equipment

As this workout doesn't need any equipment, do it anywhere after warming up. Even when you are on a holiday, you can do it.


Do It Along With...

When you couple this workout with squats and side sit ups, you will be proud of your butt!

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