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Does Too Much Exercise Weaken The Bone?

By Debdatta Mazumder

So far, you were aware about the benefits of exercises upon our health. A proper exercise regimen can help you to lose weight, improve your metabolism and thus enhance your immunity system.

Not only for physical health, but also for relieving stress and mental diseases like Alzheimer's, accurate exercise can provide help. Does exercise weaken the bone?

Overdoing anything can harm your health. To maintain a fit body, you should balance your diet and exercise. Too much exercise can cause various serious problems like sudden injuries, exhaustion, respiratory problems, etc.

How excess exercise weakens your bone? If you have any bone injuries and you are still doing exercises, your bone not only will hurt but will also can have a long term or permanent problem.

Also, if you exercise too much and don’t consume enough calcium and vitamin D, your bones can definitely get weaker.

Therefore, you should have a detailed idea of how excess exercise weakens your bone and how you can find a proper remedy of this. So, does exercise weaken the bone? Read on to know more.


Makes Bones Brittle

How excess exercise weakens you bone? If you do too much exercise, it can make your bones brittle and also make the joints weary. Also, excessive exercises have negative impact on cartilage making those weak.


Wrong Exercise Can Be Dangerous

Does exercise weaken the bone? Yes, if you have any bone diseases like Osteoporosis and you do exercises not under any special trainer. Wrong exercises can aggravate your problems and make your bones frail.


Bone Loss

Women often ask does exercise weaken the bone. For athletes, especially women, who do physical activities like running long distance without having balanced diet with calcium and other nutrients can suffer from diseases like bone loss, Osteoporosis, ammenorea, etc.


Bone Injury

If you are doing excessive exercise, there is chance of having bone injury. It is very important to do exercise under proper guidance. Otherwise, too much exercise, done too quickly can cause stress fractures.


Swimming Doesn’t Improve Bone Health

Are you confused with the question, "Does exercise weaken the bone?" To strengthen your bones, you should try weight-bearing exercises like walking, running, weight-lifting, etc. Exercises like cycling or swimming are not weight-bearing and hence don't improve bone health.


Not All Exercises Build Bones

Though exercise is necessary for building strong bones and joints, you should control it within your reach. Also, know the proper exercise regime that suits your health. You should always put on the right shoes and dresses which doesn't create any problem while exercising. Take your time, land your body gently to avoid any sudden injuries.


Not Just Exercise But Food Is Important Too

Most importantly, follow a balanced diet. Any exercise, without proper food with calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients, will not only hamper your bone health but also have a negative impact on your total immunity system.

Story first published: Monday, February 29, 2016, 6:03 [IST]
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