Disorders That Anxiety Might Lead To

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Physical illnesses can be treated with medicines. But, to calm down an anxious mind, you need to have mental strength and patience. Why does a person get anxious? There is no specific reason for this. The reasons can vary from person to person. People often get anxious for the well-being of their dear ones. Some people get stressed up due to work pressure. For some, even the changing situation of the world (political or economical) can cause anxiety.

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There are various negative effects of anxiety. Along with physical, it can cause mental disorders. Most of us tend to ignore everything in the beginning. We seldom take anxiety seriously until we discover its negative effects on helath.

It is a fact that anxiety affects every human being. But, do you know the disorders that anxiety might lead to? It causes negative thoughts and such thoughts are like poison. They spread very fast and make you feel vulnerable.

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To keep yourself calm, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meditation or yoga is one of the best remedy to control your mind. Also, you should increase your power of positive thinking to keep the effects of anxiety at bay. Now, go through the disorders that anxiety might lead to-


1. Hampers Cardiovascular Health

This is one of the most dangerous effects of anxiety. Most of the strokes and heart attacks happen due to this. Excessive anxiety increases the level of stress hormone (Cortisol) in your body which hampers normal cardiovascular activities.


2. Disturbs Sound Sleep

An anxious mind is the reason for sleepless nights. To remain healthy, every person should sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. But, if you can't have enough sleep or awake several times at night, it means that your mind is severely disturbed.


3. Worsens Chronic Diseases

What are the disorders that anxiety might lead to? If you have diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid; too much of anxiety can only worsen the symptoms of those diseases.


4. Turn Into Phobia

Too much of anxiety about something may turn into a phobia which is obviously a mental disorder. For example, you are in a crowd and getting tensed about it. Your thoughts will start scare you. Your negative thoughts can make you panic-stricken when there is actually nothing to be afraid of.


5. Muscle Tension

Experts say that disorders that anxiety might lead to also include this one. If you're suffering from anxiety disorder, you may feel an ache in your shoulders or your jaw may clinch. You should take measures at the beginning before getting used to it.


6. Digestion Problems

Maybe anxiety is a state of mind, but soon it starts working on your body. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a physical condition which is caused due to anxiety. You may experience pain in the stomach, gas, constipation or diarrhea etc.


7. Makes You Self-Conscious

It happens due to social anxiety disorder. Anxiety begins from a disturbed mind. Before attending a party or a social gathering, if you become too self-conscious, you can't engage in one-on-one conversations in social gatherings.


8. Compulsive Disorder

Psychologists say that a person's obsessive thoughts and compulsive attitude increase a lot when he/she is anxious. People with such disorders may get unnerved easily.

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