Does The TV Make You Gain Weight?

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That idiot box is making you fat and infact it is killing you! According to new studies, it is the television set that is encouraging you to eat more and workout less. Experts state that a television is to be blamed for making us a sitting duck, making us consume the wrong type of food that is totally unhealthy for the body.

It is said that 90 percent of the children sit in front of the television and pass their time instead of playing a healthy game outdoors. At the same time, people who exercise daily should make a pass at watching too much of television, as sitting in front of the box can engage them to eat more, which is in turn is not beneficial for the health.

Sitting down for long hours can also lead to a major drop in the metabolism rate of the body, which is not good for the health. The enzymes that are responsible for breaking down the fat, drop almost completely, and hence this can lead to obesity. With weight gain, you are liable to also develop diabetes and even problems related to the heart. So, take a look at how long hours spent on watching a TV can make you gain weight:


You Lack Concentration

As soon as you give your full attention to the television set, you automatically lose control over the food that you are consuming. It is important to pay respect to that meal and watch what you eat, as ignoring your food can lead to blind eating, and thus lead to weight gain.


It Lowers Your Metabolism

The metabolism is directly linked to the brain; and when the brain's concentration is in the television set, your eating habits will be disturbed, thus leading to a weight gain.


Leads To Belly Fat

Does the TV make you gain weight? Well, most of us watch television sitting down, and it is not for an hour or so. Sitting for prolonged hours, gazing at the idiot box and munching on food, will only make the fat settle on the tummy area.


Drains Your Energy

Not only does television make you fat, it also drains out your energy, making you fat and lethargic. This attitude is not good for one's health, as it can lead to other possible health outcomes too.


It Makes You Choose The Wrong Snacks

Experts state that none of us make wise decisions when it comes to eating snacks seated in front of a television. It is usually the high-calorie and fatty food substances that we opt to enrich our entertainment with.


It Makes You Sleep Less

Watching too much of television does make you fat, since you dedicate those 8 hours of sleep time to fixing your eyes on the programmes running on a television. Losing 8 hours of sleep can lead to weight gain as well as add many more health issues.


Your Hands Are Free

Television, tabs, phones and other gadgets make us mesmerised to the couch. And, with the introduction of hands-free, it gives one more opportunity to get comfortable with a burger or a bag of popcorn to munch on. This is one of the ways how a television can make you gain weight.

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