Does Eating Cereal Help Lose Weight? Well, The Arguments Are A Two-Way Traffic

By: Shubham Ghosh

Does eating cereal help lose weight? Well, this question might constantly keep bugging you, since cereals have become a part of your daily meals.

Well, a research has shown that consuming cereals for breakfast, lunch and an evening meal can help us lose weight significantly.

It has been found that as high as 85 per cent of the people who followed this cereal-consumption routine under the study shed almost two kilograms after two weeks.

The study also revealed that people who mixed various types of cereals in their diet lost more weight than those who opted for a single variety.

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If you are still wondering how eating cereals will help lose weight, then keep reading!

The study participants were allowed to eat the cereal diet for just breakfast for four weeks after the completion of the first two weeks and they were allowed to eat and drink normally during the day.

Nutrition specialists felt excited to see weight loss caused by the consumption of cereals and inferred that breakfast cereals can indeed be made part of weight-management regime.

Does eating cereal help lose weight

Benefits Of Eating Cereals:
These cereals contain nutrients like fibre, iron, zinc and folic acid, and they also have low fat content. Their good tastes also make them popular and people stick to the diet comprising cereals consistently and benefit by losing weight.

In fact, having cereals for breakfast also significantly reduces the chances of heart disease, in case you are looking out for an answer on "does eating cereal help lose weight".

The research even did make many obese people revert to the idea of taking breakfast, as they had started avoiding it as a plan of their diet.

Cereal diet as part of weight-loss regime has become increasingly popular in western countries like the US and the UK.

By eating cereals in breakfast, we provide our body with the much-needed energy from carbohydrate called glucose. It is the primary fuel for several parts of our body and in the absence of glucose, it may find alternatives in other sources that may affect our metabolism process and ultimately our body weight.

Does eating cereal help lose weight

What Are The Cereals You Have To Choose & How Eating Cereals Helps Lose Weight?

Choosing cereals that have high fibre content is helpful in controlling weight. Fibre-rich cereals like oatmeal or bran flakes have a number of advantages.

They keep our stomachs full for a longer time (like porridge) and hence reduce the hunger pangs. The physical movement of chewing absorbs energy and reduces the pace of eating. Consumption of fibres is an overall healthy exercise and it also reduces calories.

On the other hand, choosing cereals that have high sugar content can do the reverse by raising the calorie consumption.

Excepting granola, a type of breakfast cereal, other cereals have generally low-fat content and nothing can really beat the combination of a high-fibre cereal with low-fat milk, another good agent to reduce weight, that is to be had for breakfast.

Add berries to the super breakfast and back it up with a moderate physical activity. You are on your way to that perfect shape.

Does eating cereal help lose weight

Some Cereals That Help Us Lose Weight:
Here are examples of some cereals (which have more fibre and less of/no sugar) that take care of the question, "does eating cereal help lose weight". Have a look.

1. Grape nuts

2. Shredded wheat

3. Sprouted grain

4. Multibran flakes

5. Whole grain nuggets

Does eating cereal help lose weight

The Other View:
There is also another viewpoint which believes that an only-cereal diet will not really help in losing weight. Instead, it could lead to poor nutrition.

This school of thought believes that the weight-loss mechanism is ultimately determined by the treatment of calories.

Consuming lesser calories will see the body burning the fat for fuel. But if you consume cereals having more calories than your body is actually burning, then the net result will only be a weight gain and not loss.

Having a cereal-only diet will reduce the weight because of reduction in the calorie intake, and not the cereals, they say.

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