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Suffering From Appetite Loss? These Common Foods Will Help To Get Back Your Appetite In A Week!

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You do not feel hungry or feel like eating whenever you have fever or a stomach upset. This is something temporary and normal. But, when this loss of appetite increases, it is something abnormal and might lead to other health problems as well.

So, if you are looking at increasing your appetite, then there are certain foods that are readily available in your own kitchen.

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So, you need not wait for long, or go to a doctor to get it treated. Just go and grab the easily available foods that help increase your appetite.

If you are suffering from extreme weight loss, less urination, constipation, difficulty in breathing, indigestion, fever, nausea, then you need to be careful, as these are a few of the common symptoms noticed when one is suffering from loss of appetite.

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Take a note of it and get it addressed as soon as possible. If you ignore the symptoms of poor appetite, then this might land you up in acquiring other serious health problems.

So, here is the list of commonly available foods that can help you in increasing your appetite for good. Take a look.


1. Amla Juice:

Add a teaspoon of honey, about one-fourth glass of lemon juice to about half a glass of amla juice. Mix it well and then drink it. This helps in increasing the appetite.


2. Basil:

Take a few fresh basil leaves, and boil it. Add a pinch of cardamom powder and a bit of sugar to taste. Strain it and then drink. This food helps to overcome the loss of appetite.


3. Chamomile Tea:

Take a few dried chamomile leaves, add it to a glass of boiling water and then drink it in the form of tea. It helps in improving your appetite for sure.


4. Ginger:

Adding more ginger to the daily food that you consume helps in increasing your appetite. You could also take a piece of ginger and then chew it raw. It helps.


5. Pepper Powder:

Add a pinch of black pepper powder to a tablespoon of jaggery powder and then have it. This natural way will help to increase your appetite.


6. Cardamom:

Adding cardamom to your food, tea and other drinks is one of the best, natural ways to increase your appetite that will help for sure.


7. Carom Seeds:

Carom seeds are well known to improve digestion and then increase the appetite. Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds and then chew it and swallow it half an hour before your meals.


8. Garlic:

Take a few garlic cloves, crush it and then boil it along with some water. Strain it and then squeeze some lemon juice to it. Drink this, and you will see an amazing increase in your appetite.


9. Coriander:

Take a bunch of coriander leaves, crush it and extract its juice. Add a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Drink about 2-3 tablespoons of this juice every day. This helps in increasing the appetite.


10. Tamarind:

Tamarind can be used in curries or as a liquid mixed with a pinch of pepper, cloves, cinnamon and sugar. Tamarind has laxative and carminative effects that help to improve appetite.


11. Fennel:

Fennel helps in boosting your appetite. Take a few fennel seeds, crush it and then boil it. Strain the seeds and then drink it in the form of a tea.


12. Lemon:

Lemon is one of the best known appetite boosters there is. One could drink lemon in the form of a juice or just sprinkle it over salads or fruits.


13. Pomegranate Juice:

Filled with vitamins and antioxidants, pomegranate can be eaten as a whole fruit or in the form of juice. It helps in increasing the appetite.


14. Cinnamon:

Adding cinnamon to your daily diet helps in boosting appetite. Also, you could take a piece of cinnamon, a bit of fennel seeds and some coriander seeds. Soak it overnight in water. Strain it and drink it in the morning.


15. Orange:

Orange is a rich source of vitamin C and fibre. Eating orange an hour before the meal actually helps to increase the appetite to a great extent.


16. Raisins:

Rich source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, raisins help in increasing appetite, especially among those suffering from fever. It is one of the best foods to increase appetite.

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