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Why Sunday Should Be Your Cheat Day?

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What is a cheat day? When you are on a diet, you can choose one day in the week as a cheat day to eat whatever you want to on that day without feeling guilty.

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Why is a cheat day during diet important? Well, most of the diet programs are generally tough to follow. Most of them will expect you to stay away from your favourite food stuffs for months together.

It isn't practically possible to suddenly forget your favourite foods and start a new lifestyle. In fact, withdrawal symptoms may also persist.

It is like breaking up with your spouse all of a sudden. You will miss him or her, right? In the same way, you will miss your foods if you don't allow yourself to indulge on a cheat day.

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In fact, there isn't any harm in eating one unhealthy food that too only once a week. But still, don't cross the limit as that would spoil the objectives of the diet plan itself.


Reason #1

It gives you strength to continue the diet. Generally, if you don't have any reward, you seldom get motivated to stay away from your favourite foods.


Reason #2

It curbs your cravings. When you eat your favourite stuff at least once a week, you can control your cravings during the week. Otherwise, it would be tough to manage.


Reason #3

It might let you enjoy life better. Eating your favourite foods gives you a joy. But eating them everyday is unhealthy. But once a week, you can enjoy that life.


Reason #4

It helps you take a break. Yes, you need a break from your dieting routines so that you will feel fresh when you get back to it on Monday. Otherwise, you may get bored of your diet program.


Reason #5

It inspires you to put in more efforts. When you reward yourself you get inspired to work harder to reach your goals.


Reason #6

It gets you more nutrients. Yes, if your diet isn't providing you enough fuel to get on, at least your cheat day may be able to give you some fuel.


Reason #7

It helps you get rid of the weak feelings. Generally, when you start dieting, you may feel depressed during the first few days. A cheat day will bring back your spirits.


Reason #8

It makes you realise that feeling healthy and happy is more important than weight loss goals or crash diets.

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Story first published: Monday, January 25, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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