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Diet Vs Exercise: Which Is Better?

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To stay healthy, which is more important? Diet or exercise? Well, it is tough to narrow down only one among the two.

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But still, it is important to talk about both of them as some people starve themselves in the name of dieting and think that they are living a healthy lifestyle.

And there are some other set of people who think that they can eat anything as long as they are working out to burn additional calories.

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Both of the above approaches are unhealthy. So, to know the right balance, let us discuss what both of them do to your health.


If You Want To Become Slim...

Ensure that you restrict calories first. Diet plays an important role in fat loss. And exercise will surely help burn some extra calories and maintain healthy weight. Both go hand in hand but without restricting calories, it will be tough to get rid of excess weight.


For Better Energy Levels

You must focus on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Here, diet plays a major role. Eating the right foods at the right time helps. To keep your energy levels stable, eat small quantities of food at regular intervals of time.


If You Hate Cardio Vascular Risks...

Exercise is inevitable. Without increasing physical activity, you can't keep your heart healthy. Also, staying away from unhealthy foods is important.


For A Sharp Mind

Again exercise plays a more important role. Active people will be able to focus better. Also, certain brain foods help you keep your brain sharper.


For A Better Bed Life

Exercise can enhance libido levels. Though there are some foods for better libido, without exercise your attempts are incomplete.


For Better Moods...

Again exercise tops the list. As it releases endorphins, you will be able to charge your mood faster. Of course, some foods like chocolates do boost your mood instantly, exercise provides other benefits too.


For Overall Health...

Both diet and exercise do have their own roles and it is not wise to give importance to one and ignore the other. Bot diet and workouts should be given equal importance.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 9:53 [IST]
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