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Can Too Much Exercise Make You Less Fertile?

By: Somya Ojha

Exercising is considered as a miracle drug by many, but is too much of an exercise making you less fertile? While studies can't prove that vigorous exercise causes infertility, they have been able to establish a link between the two.

Several experts believe that an intense workout increases the likelihood of infertility. If you're fond of breaking a sweat in the gym, then be mindful of the level to which you're exerting your body to.

To be able to conceive, you need to be careful of the number of hours you're spending in the gym.

Anyone who is trying to get pregnant should exercise. Regular exercise improves metabolism and circulation, which is great for egg production.

Can Too Much Exercise Make You Less Fertile?

However, too much of a good thing can also be bad. Few studies suggest that strenuous exercises can adversely affect your chances of conceiving.

Fertility experts also believe that taking it to the extreme can make you less fertile.

In this article, we at Boldsky will be highlighting the points you must take into consideration if you've been exercising to the point of exhaustion and are planning to conceive.

Have a look at how extreme exercising can cause infertility issues.

Can Too Much Exercise Make You Less Fertile?

Extreme Exercise Causes Hormonal Disruption: Researchers found that women who exercise vigorously on a daily basis have high cortisol levels and low level of thyroid hormones. Both the factors affect your body's ability to deal with stress in the long term. This in turn can negatively affect the overall hormonal balance and fertility. Also, intense workout can cause disrupted cycles and missed periods.

Low Level Of Body Fat Can Lead To Infertility: A thorough study published in the 90's found that women who do extreme workout have lower levels of body fat. This, in turn, can directly decrease fertility.

Things To Do, To Not Let Exercise Negatively Affect Your Chances Of Conceiving

Can Too Much Exercise Make You Less Fertile?

Stick To A Moderate Level Of Physical Activity: Women should stick to a moderate level of exercise to build stamina, strengthen the muscles, increase circulation, etc. It is crucial to keep one's body fit. Hourly sessions of yoga, brisk walking, aerobics, swimming, etc, are considered to be ideal exercises for women trying to conceive. Core strength training and working out to the point of exhaustion should be a big no-no.

Can Too Much Exercise Make You Less Fertile?

Maintain An Ideal Weight To Conceive: Exercising plays a big role in regulating your body weight. But, it is important to maintain a weight that is ideal for conceiving. This will depend on your current BMI.

It is critical to exercise in moderation and not over-exert oneself. Also, be mindful of the other factors that lead to infertility. In any case, it is highly advised to consult a fertility Specialist to get an in-depth understanding of your current state.

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