7 Best Tips To Lose Hip Fat Without Exercise!

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Do you feel embarrassed when you wear figure-hugging clothes, because the fat accumulated on your hips, makes you look unattractive? If yes, then there are certain amazing tips that can help you lose weight, without exercise!

Well, frankly, not many of us like to exercise, right? Call it laziness, lack of interest or just the lack of time, exercising is an activity that many of us avoid.

However, we still yearn to look fit and slim, specially if we like to wear trendy clothes like crop tops, etc., that show your hip area!

Apart from that, accumulation of excess hip fat can also be a sign of bad health, as it can give rise to a number of lifestyle disorders.

Many research studies have claimed that excess hip fat can cause ailments like obesity, joint pain, indigestion, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even infertility!

So, if you are someone who wants to lose hip fat and have a toned figure without exercising, then follow these tips!


Tip #1

One of the best tips to lose hip fat is to start drinking more water, as water can help boost your metabolic rate and reduce hip fat to a great extent.


Tip #2

Try wearing weight-loss corsets that are available in the market, as they are known to shrink the size of your waist and hips considerably.


Tip #3

If your hip fat is proving to be too hard to burn off, talk to a doctor to check if you have certain hormonal disorders that can be contributing to the accumulation of fat in the hips.


Tip #4

Avoid sitting down for too long, as this habit is one of the main causes for the accumulation of hip fat. Ensure that you stand up or walk around in regular intervals.


Tip #5

Consume a diet that is rich in calcium, by including foods such as broccoli, low-fat milk, sesame seeds, fish, etc., as calcium-rich foods are known to fight hip fat!


Tip #6

Another tip to lose hip fat is to consume foods rich in fibre like leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, as fibre can also help burn hip fat.


Tip #7

Talk to your doctor and check if certain medications like birth control pills are making you gain hip fat; if yes, then ask for alternatives.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 14:28 [IST]
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