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Why It's Okay To Have A Little Belly Fat

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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There is one thing that we usually focus about our body and that is not to have a visible belly, as it can tamper with the way we look when we don a nice dress or a tan top.

Many women, even after exercising regularly and following a strict diet, find it difficult to lose that belly fat.

The terrible news is that it can never be painless to reduce abdominal fat. Solid and long-term discipline pays off only if you continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Losing the pudge is never a quick step and it happens to be a lifelong process.

Nearly 50 percent of adults have central obesity, also referred to as belly fat. There is no doubt that belly fat or visceral fat can be a risky type of fat that exists.

This is the only such fat that accumulates around the organs that are found deep in your abdomen. As you age, it is imperative that you exercise more than before and eat less.

Nobody wants unwanted belly fat. So, how do you banish this belly fat? Almost every woman over 30 has to face it, especially after you have reached the age of 40, when the perimenopausal stage begins.

It doesn't mean that flabby or a high-cortisol stressed-induced belly is elegant for women.

Most women, after they age, surrender themselves to belly fat. However, the good news is that a little bit of belly fat can be good for you.

It’s okay to have a bit of belly fat, as it comes as a parcel with the menopausal stage. Here are 8 reasons why a bit of belly fat isn’t really bad.



Having a little bit of belly fat can also be healthy when there is a certain kind of purpose involved. As people reach their middle years, the proportion of fat tends to increase, especially in women compared to men. Yet, only a little bit of it can be good for your health, as it can protect your stomach and intestine.


Cholesterol Levels

If the visceral fat or abdominal fat that lies deep within the abdominal cavity tries to increase, it can be a cause of concern. However, the good news is that it is okay to have a bit of belly fat, as it can keep you focussed on doing regular exercise and follow a proper diet.

Focussing on bringing down the visceral fat can certainly benefit in controlling the cholesterol levels from mounting. Experts do stress that exercising is the best way to fight visceral fat.


Stay Young

It is usually hard to reduce the roundness of belly when you approach middle age and during menopause. Yet by choosing the right kind of food and drink, you can control it from exceeding.

After reaching menopause, the ovaries would lose its power in the production of progesterone and oestrogen, but they can manage to make androgen (male hormones).


Healthy Habits

It is important to practice healthy lifestyle habits. Losing belly fat takes time. Never expect to lose it overnight, as you need to understand that you didn't attain it overnight.

If you want to maintain or reduce a little bit of belly fat, you will have to start to make healthier lifestyle choices and begin to look for ways to improve your quality of life. This is one of the 8 reasons why a bit of belly fat isn't really bad.


High Blood Pressure

If your belly fat starts to respond to diet and aerobic exercise then it means your visceral fat is metabolising into fatty acids when compared to subcutaneous fat.

Maintaining a bit of your belly fat really won't cause the harmful effects of those extra fat cells and it can quash high blood pressure.


Start To Eat Less

You may have started to lose weight and now having only a little bit of belly fat can make you motivated to lose some more. One of the 8 reasons why a bit of belly fat isn't really bad is that you start to decrease the portion sizes and would opt for only healthy food choices.

Make sure to eat lots of fresh vegetables along with lean protein and fruits to maintain your health. Better the choices you make every day, such choices will supercharge your ability to maintain your belly fat.


Protects From Breast Cancer

An unwarranted oestrogen can predispose women to breast cancer. Instead, it is a better option to sustain a bit of belly fat that you developed during your menopause.


Bone Maintenance

The important reason why a bit of belly fat isn't really bad is that it will assist in bone maintenance. Most menopausal women having a flat stomach may face the consequences of thinning of bones and vaginal dryness.

Therefore, these are some of the 8 reasons why a bit of belly fat isn't really bad.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 17, 2015, 2:00 [IST]
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