Don't Waste Your Time On These Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss is one of the many important things on every woman's mind. Weight loss tips are many in number, but only a few of them are considered to be genuine. Paying a visit to a dietitian before you begin a weight loss program is important, as he or she will guide you as to what to eat and what to avoid.

Fatty foods, oily food, high calorie foods are some of the vital reasons for an increase in weight. But, according to experts they state that one should not blame only the wrong diet or junk foods for weight gain.


Strangely, there are other reasons for weight gain too which include: stress, lack of exercise, depression and more. Those who are prone to putting on weight easily and faster should practice living a healthy lifestyle and following only those weight loss tips which actually work wonders.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some weight loss tips you should not follow since it never works. Considered to be more like weight loss myths, these tips on the list will only create an adverse effect on the body like heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

Take a look at these weight loss tips which are of no good to your body.

Weight Loss Tips That Never Work

No Carbs In Diet Leads To Weight Loss
It is often said that if you minus the carbohydrates intake in your diet, your body weight will decrease rapidly. This is a wrong concept as complex carbs found in foods like while grains and vegetables are good for health since they provide your body with energy and proteins. However, you should avoid bad carbs found in foods like refined flours, sugar, corn syrup which lead to weight gain.

Weight Loss Tips That Never Work

If You Exercise, Eat To Your Heart's Content
Whoever told you to eat well and exercise to burn that fat has given you wrong advice. You should follow a low calorie diet if you want to burn calories while working out. It has to be a hand in hand situation.

Weight Loss Tips That Never Work

Drinking Water Burns Fat
You should understand: water helps to remove the toxins in the body, increases your metabolism and provides you with energy, which is essential for you to keep fit and aid in weight loss. But, water is not a substitute to burn the fat in your body like other fat burning foods.

Weight Loss Tips That Never Work

Slimming pills Work Wonders For Weight Loss
Slimming pills never work. In fact these pills are loaded with properties which when consumed, it will effect the body organs one at a time. Follow a balanced diet to aid in weight loss and don't turn to pills as a solution.

Weight Loss Tips That Never Work

Juice cleanses Burn Fat In The Body
There are a ton of people who turn to a liquid diet in order to lose weight effectively and fast. However, though liquid diets flush out toxins and provide you strength, at the end of the day it is not worth it. Consumption of only vegetable and fruit juices will leave you feeling dull and tired as they don't contain proteins and essential fatty acids.

You Should Only Consume Low Fat Foods
If you decrease the intake of saturated and trans-fats in one's diet you will automatically lose a ton of weight. Replace these bad fats with good fats like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

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