Weight Loss Lies & Myths We Blindly Believe In

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Getting rid of those calories is the first and the last thing on most of our minds. Recent studies state that there are more than a 100 ways to lose weight, but following the right tips keeping aside the weight loss lies and myths is hard.

Today, Boldsky lists out some of the weight loss lies most of us blindly believe and follow. We tend to follow some tips in order to lose weight, but there are many more health issues that accompany you if you believe in those myths. In most cases, people who are try to lose weight by following these lies often end up with bone deformities and other skin issues.

Likewise, following fad diets to lose weight makes one consume little or no nutrients and vitamins which in turn affects the organs in the body. Lack of a proper diet leads to multiple health problems and the only way to put an end to those problems is to forget about these weight loss lies and myths that are mentioned below.

So, take a look at some of the weight loss lies that do no good to your body.


Simple Salads

Most people turn to salads as they are less in calories and high in nutrients and most importantly they are good for weight loss. But, how many are actually forgetting about the high cholesterol and fatty salad dressings in that bowl of enriching veggies?


Nuts Are Bad

It is said that nuts are extremely beneficial for weight loss. Nuts have the ability to increase the metabolic rate and even lower cholesterol. So, if anyone told you to avoid nuts, please don't since it is not a fattening food.


Only Opt For Low Fat

One of the common weight loss myths involves consuming foods that are fat-free. Although these foods contain no fat, they are however loaded with sugar which will increase weight gain as well as other health issues.


Green Tea Is Unhealthy

Green tea is a healthy beverage and should be added to your daily diet. Green tea aids in weight loss, regulates appetite and reduces sugar cravings. Many state that green tea is unhealthy because of the high presence of antioxidants, but it is a lie and a myth not to be followed.


Lifting Weight Is Only For Muscles

Lifting weights will build muscle and not aid in weight loss! Do you strongly believe in this weight loss lie? The truth: lifting weight helps the body get toned and fit, which in simple terms, is weight loss.


Say No To Coffee

Consumption of coffee can help in improving your energy, protect you from cancer and also various other diseases. Coffee is healthy to drink, but when it becomes an addiction, it turns toxic for the body.


Turn To Foods That Burn Fat

No food can magically burn fat, this is one of the many weight loss lies and myths we should all stop believing in. It is best to consume foods that are less in calories as you can burn those calories easily.


Bananas Equal Weight Gain

Most people refrain from eating bananas as they think they are high in calories and will lead to weight gain. However, bananas are healthy to consume if you want to lose weight since they are loaded with nutrients.

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