Get Rid Of Love Handles With These Foods

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Whether your partner loves it or not, accept the fact that love handles aren't healthy and you might need to find a way to get rid of them.
Well, how to get rid of love handles in a week? Is it really possible? When you intensely work out and eat the right foods then maybe, you can start seeing them disappear if not in a week, but soon after that.

You might need to follow a strict diet to lose love handles. Exercise may not be able to finish them off alone. The right foods need to be included in your diet.

Of course, your love handles might not be a health risk immediately but you may find it tough to wear your favourite clothes when they stick around.

Also, remember that they seldom vanish if you exercise moderately. They are stubborn and they need the right foods to move on.
So, there are certain foods to lose love handles and let us discuss about the same in this post. Include the below foods in your diet.



They provide more fibre than even strawberries. Snack on them instead of enjoying sweets and then your love handle will vanish.


Black Beans

They contain less fat, more fibre and they also reduce our cravings for some time as they take time to digest. Also, they are said to help your body burn fat which means those love handles are temporary.


Sweet Potatoes

Your body takes lots of time to digest sweet potatoes and this is really good as you will fell full for longer. A study claims that those who include sweet potatoes can significantly lose weight and this includes those love handles.



Mostly, obese people lack enough of vitamin E. As almonds provide them along with fibre, there are more reasons to enjoy them.


Black Rice

Black rice contains antioxidants, fibre, vitamin E and of course less calories. Try to include it due to its advantages.


Chick Peas

They contain protein and also provide some amount of fibre that your digestive system needs. Include them in your diet to beat those handles.



Oatmeal is one of the wisest breakfast options for two reasons. Firstly, it contains the necessary nutrients and secondly, it keeps you full for longer so that you won't feel like snacking later on.

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