Breaking Myths: Is Curd Bad For Your Health?

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Is curd bad for health? Well, consuming expired yogurt could be dangerous. You may experience diarrhea and nausea soon after you consume spoiled curd. But in general, eating curd is good for health.

It enhances your immunity, helps you in your weight loss goals and also keeps your digestive system happy. These are just a few benefits of eating dahi. There are a lot more.

In fact, even those who suffer from the condition called as lactose intolerance consume curd. When you feel feverish or ill, it is better to stay away from curd. Also, those suffering from intestinal disorders must stay away from curd as certain side effects like bloating, gas, diarrhea and pain in the stomach may arise.

Also, remember that the body loses the ability to digest dairy products as age advances. So, those who suffer from lactose intolerance and other disorders which rob the ability of the body to digest dairy must consult a doctor before trying curd.

Others can enjoy the benefits of eating dahi. Now, let us discuss what dahi does to your body after you start eating it regularly.


Your Brain Cells Get Fired Up!

A study revealed that those who eat curd display increased brain activity in some parts of the brain. This will enhance the cognitive abilities of a person for some time.


Your Stomach Feels Happy

The good bacteria that curd contains helps your digestive system and solves problems like constipation. Also, your body will be able to absorb more nutrients.


Your Waist Looks Better

This is one of the effects of eating curd daily. A study claims that those who include curd in their daily diet can effortless lose belly fat compared to those who never eat curd.


Stabilises Your Appetite

When you feel full for longer, your carvings for snacks will decrease and this is exactly what you can expect when you eat curd. Include it in your diet to experience this effect.


Your Blood Pressure Comes Down

A recent study says that people who consume curd can reduce the risk of suffering high BP. The potassium content in curd can help your body get rid of the unnecessary sodium which is a result of your high salt intake. When the sodium is flushed out, your BP tends to be stable.


It Is Soothing On Your Nervous System

As curd contains vitamin B5, zinc, iodine, riboflavin, phosphorous and potassium it is good for your nervous system.


Your Sore Body Recovers Faster

Your workouts tear you down. But your recovery rate increases if you consume curd. You can also consume it after a workout to enjoy faster recovery.


Your Body Will Combat Infections

When your immunity is powerful, your body can deal with infections in a better way. Curd can enhance your immunity and keep infections at bay.

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