Foods To Be Avoided For A Flat Belly

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Is your weight bothering you? Are you unable to fit into your slim fit dress? Are you worried about the fat that is growing around your belly? If an answer to all the questions is yes then we have a solution for you.

There are many reasons for an increase in belly fat. Some of them includes accumulation of gas in the abdomen, eating late at night, not exercising, drinking carbonated drinks, eating foods rich in calories and sleep deprivation.

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Having a flat belly is a desire for every women. But attaining it is a tough task altogether. Drinking a lot of water helps to flush out toxins from the body and reduces the risk of obesity by preventing the storage of fats around the belly.

There are certain foods you need to avoid in order to shed those extra pounds around your waist. Few foods has the potential to burn fats around the waist like almonds, veggies, eggs, dark chocolates and fruits.



We all know dairy products are a good source of calcium and helps to maintain healthy bones. But, calcium is also high in calories. It even contains bad fats which increases the cholesterol levels and contributes to weight gain. Therefore it is advisable to limit the intake of dairy products.


Fried Foods

Another effective way to reduce your waist line is by avoiding greasy and fried foods. These foods take longer time to digest and makes the tummy look bloated too.


Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates is one of the foods you should avoid to reduce belly fat. They are present in rice and white flour. These foods spike the sugar levels when you eat them and leads to the development of excess fat around the waist.


Soda And Candy

Soda and candies doesn't have any nutritional value. The better option is to replace them with water and fruits. Soda contributes to weight gain and even increases the craving for sweets.


Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages is yet another thing you should say no to in order to get a flatter belly.



It is necessary to cut down the intake of salt and processed food which contains too much of salt. Salt will retain water and even causes bloating of stomach.


Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains a lot of calories. It has too much of sugar in it which contributes severe weight gain.



When you consume too much of carbohydrates, it gets stored in your body in the form of fats. If you cut down the intake of carbs, body uses the stored fat around the waist which will eventually reduce the fat accumulated around your belly.

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