5 Spices That Promote Weight Loss

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Reducing body weight the healthy way, is a prime concern for many. Due to modern lifestyle, we find it difficult to maintain our body weight. The foods that we eat, make us obese and this leads to severe health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So it is necessary to keep a check on your body weight.

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Now, losing weight can't get easier. Just spice up your food and lose weight! There are certain spices which contribute to weight loss. Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, coriander contribute to weight loss by increasing the body metabolism. Including these spices in your diet is the best way to lose those extra pounds. Read on, include these spices every day and notice the difference.

5 Spices That Promote Weight Loss

Cinnamon: Cinnamon has been shown to reduce the blood sugar levels. It's an ideal spice for diabetic patients. It is shown to reduce diabetes and bad cholesterol (LDL).

Coriander: The aromatic spice coriander increases the metabolic function and assists in weight loss. It works wonders for diabetic and obese people.

Cardamom: Cardamom effectively reduces the insulin and regulates the LDL. It promotes metabolism and keeps a check on body weight.

5 Spices That Promote Weight Loss

Turmeric: Curcumin, the ingredient present in turmeric, reduces the formation of fat tissue and contributes to weight loss. It helps in decreasing the storage of fats in liver.

5 Spices That Promote Weight Loss

Black Pepper : Pepperine content found in pepper blocks the formation of new fat cells. Pepper is said to be highly effective in burning cholesterol.

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Story first published: Friday, October 9, 2015, 21:01 [IST]
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