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Benefits Of Running Everyday

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Run an extra mile today to benefit heart health! Running is the perfect exercise to stay in shape. It also benefits the organs to function well, promotes proper blood circulation, Keeps obesity at bay and it helps to keep the immunity level up.

Running for 25 minutes daily is essential, whether on the treadmill or at the park.Experts state that stationery running ( treadmill) should not exceed for more than 15 minutes.

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However, running or jogging at the park for 25 minutes or more is better and healthier. Running also helps to keep the legs and thighs. It also benefits knee health and the hips.

Run that extra mile today benefit a lot of health factors. Wear comfortable and soft running shoes, loose clothing, and women should opt for a sports bra too. Wearing a sports bra, helps to keep back pain at bay and prevents chest pains too.

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So, today let's guide you to the many health benefits of running. Make this form of exercise a part of your daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

Running Gives You Good Legs - Running helps to get legs toned. It builds muscle in the thigh and strengthens the calf muscles. Running also helps to loose thigh fat and also Keeps the knees healthy.

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Running Keeps Away Obesity - To keep obesity at bay, running is the perfect exercise to practice for 20 minutes daily. Obesity is a silent killer and it effects more than a billion people everyday. So, the best way to keep obesity at bay is to run.

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Running Promotes Heart Health - The heart is an important organs in the body. The heart should be careful and looked after, which is why running should be an essential part of your exercise schedule. Run for your heart health and prevent heart diseases and heart attacks.

Running Is A Hip Exercise -To keep the hips in shape and to prevent a big buttock, run for 15 minutes a day. Running at a good speed will apply good Leeds on the legs and the hips, and this Keeps fat on the hips at bay.

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Running Improves Blood Circulation - Blood Circulation in the body will be improved only when the being Is active. So run for good blood circulation and stay healthy .

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Story first published: Sunday, November 8, 2015, 6:01 [IST]
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