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    7 Easy Tips To Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan

    By Deepa Ranganathan

    Planning to lose weight? Have even drawn an interestingly pepped up diet plan to support you in the cause? Sounds good! At least you have made a start, an attempt to achieve the weight loss goal. But, starting is not the only thing that people are concerned with. Your weight loss plan is a little trickier than that. Once you start and don't see quick results churning in, you will obviously lose all interest in it. The motivation goes off after a while.

    So, how to keep yourself motivated? First, you need to understand that the whole process is slow. It will take some time before you actually begin losing weight. Second, make a realistic goal and an even more realistic diet chart. Begin slowly and keep yourself determined towards it.


    Yes, it's difficult to actually do it but, once you have started it's just about staying pepped up. You can do that with a little system in place. Make sure you don't let your fickle mind rule you. It's time to follow a few motivational tips and allow your weight loss plan to be the top priority. Here are a few ways to help you stick to your weight loss plan.


    A Little Pep Talk

    It's not necessary that someone else be your motivational guru. Why can't you motivate your own self? How about indulging in some motivational talks with yourself? Tell yourself or write down on a piece of paper everything that you love about yourself and what you need to change. Write your goals or better still say your goals out loudly. Cheer yourself with positive words. This will work in the longer run even if it feels silly.


    Virtual Help

    There are weight loss communities on various social media sites that can help you stick to your weight loss goals. All of them on this community have the same issue. They are not motivated enough. You can always take their help. Talk about your issues, make them share theirs. Virtual buddies are good as you are on the same page and are definitely going to motivate each other. You can celebrate your small achievements with them. The cheering will definitely keep you going.


    Appreciate Your Achievements

    It's always good to appreciate your own achievements just to keep your confidence on the higher side. If you just achieved that one goal you had set for yourself, how about engraving the date of achievement on a piece of jewellery. Pat your back and be proud of yourself every time you achieve some goal.


    Small Challenges

    If you're still wondering how to stick to your weight loss goals, then take up a challenge. There would be people following the same path as yours towards weight loss. How about joining them for a quick challenge? You can probably challenge each other for a diet plan for a week. This would keep you sparked up and motivated.


    Pet’s Your Partner

    Taking your pet out for a walk will definitely keep you motivated. Pets can be challenging and when they start to exercise or walk, no amount of lethargy from your end can help you from exercising. Your pet's your best motivational partner and will help you stick to your weight loss diet and exercise plans.


    Check-ins Are Good

    Let's say there's a member in your family who is following a weight loss diet similar to yours. Call in that relative once a week and check in the status. You can share your status with that person too. This weekly check-in helps stay fit and healthy.


    Journal Your Goals

    Maintain a journal of your goals. Write what made it unachievable, what posed as your weakness, how you managed to attain it, the difficulties, the good parts etc. Maintain a record to help you stay motivated throughout your struggle to achieve the goal.

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