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Healthy Foods For Thanksgiving

By Anvi Mehta

If you are eagerly waiting to witness a day on which family and food occupies the center-stage, then here it is!! Thanksgiving, a special holiday on which home going becomes a special happening and is also a day filled with joy and surprises. It is a day to appreciate friends and family to which modern day turmoil is no threat. When feasting remains the main attraction of the day, the day also reminds the need to remain grateful to our loved ones and to count on our blessings.

Delicious food satisfies the stomach and the heart. It is an opportunity to enthrall your loved ones with special dishes and tasty varieties. Cooking food and arranging it on the table is not the only thing, a food needs to be healthy as well. Healthy foods make your Thanksgiving special too. Choose foods for your friends and relatives that are low in calorie, low in fat as well as sodium. Making food for Thanksgiving is not anything tough, a little preparation can make it healthy and special. A special occasion should be treated with all its might and importance and if you are worried about what to cook for your guests on this special occasion, then you may read this.

Here are a few healthy foods for Thanksgiving.

Substitute whole bread with a turkey breast

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving and looking for healthy foods to be included in the recipe, then follow this! Substitute your idea of serving whole bread by a turkey breast. A whole big turkey breast has much lower calories. To stay fit, avoid deep frying, instead roast your turkey or smoke it. Isn't it a good idea? Try it your guests may certainly love it.

Include vegetable oils

Your Thanksgiving dinner table may not look better without a good gravy. However, it is also a storehouse of calories. If you want to reduce those extra calories in your good gravy, try adding vegetable oils to it. Avoid turkey drippings. You may also try a vegetarian gravy. This is one of the healthy foods you can certainly try.

Save that cooking water

It is better to save the water you cook and add it to those mashed potatoes. This may give a better taste instead of adding cream or a chicken broth. You can also try adding some veggie flavor or even herbs to the food you cook. This gives an extra flavor. Serve your guests with healthy foods and impress them.

Bake it

Dressings are an inevitable part of a delicious food. However, it may contain fat. It is tough to cut down those dressings too. If you are so fond of the dressing then have a little of it. Take care to avoid bacon in it. Avoid and cut down the calories as much as possible.

Sometimes it is good to say no to tradition

If you are thinking of healthy foods for Thanksgiving and planning to cut down those extra calories, then say no to tradition. This time do something different! Cut down those sweet potatoes. Try adding apple sauce or some juices.

Bye-bye crust

Pumpkin pie is one of the best dishes to be served on your dinner table. Your guests may like it too. However, if you are planning to serve that pumpkin pie with the crust, then it is a big no-no. bid adieu to the crust, if you want a low calorie food to be served on the table.

Thanksgiving is an event to show your gratitude, show it in your food too. Make your food healthy and delicious by following the above tips!

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