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Easy Steps To Lose A Pound Per Week

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There are many effective ways of losing weight. But, most of us want to lose weight fast without taking much pain. And moreover if you have any ceremony in the upcoming few weeks then there is all the more pressure to fit into a nice dress within that time. Here are a few easy ways to lose a pound per week.

Morning Diet

Lose Weight

You need to check on your morning calorie intake if you want to lose weight effectively within a week. Here's a checklist that you need to hit upon for the purpose.

Cucumber- A cucumber is very low in calories and ideal for a morning breakfast. Have a few slices of cucumber as they are extremely low in calories and at the same time very filling too.

Watermelon- Watermelon is yet again another healthy and tasty food for weight loss. This will definitely help you lose a pound within a week. Have a glass of watermelon juice everyday to cut short your calorie intake. Fruits as such are also a rich source of necessary vitamins and minerals for your body.

Oats- You may also have a bowlful of oats to lose weight within a week. Oats is full of fibre and it provide you with enough starch in the body so that your bowel movement remains clear.

Afternoon Diet

Main Course-In the afternoon it is better that you have starchy food like roti or bread to shed a pound within a week. Starchy foods help you to maintain a good metabolic system, thus helping you to burn enough calories.

Side Dishes- Have all kinds of green leafy vegetables and some protein food like an egg for supplementing all the nutrient requirements of your body. This is so because maintaining your daily body requirements is as important as losing weight.


You might have some rice or bread as per your choices in the dinner menu. But it is advisable that you cut on your carbohydrate and fat intake and at the same time push for fibre and protein rich foods for filling your stomach.

Balanced Diet: Keep in mind that you need to maintain your daily nutritional needs to lose a pound within a week in an effective manner. So, maintain a proper balance of fruits, vegetable and carbohydrates in all the three meals.

Exercise: In order to lose weight for as much as a pound a week you cannot go without exercise. So, go out for jogging in the morning or take up some easy exercises like jumping the rope or picking up light weights in the house itself for proper weight loss.

Get yourself into all these ways in order to lose a pound each week.

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