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Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston's Abs

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Jennifer Aniston is often asked a question that how she is able to get such great abs post 40. The friends star gives credits to yoga and says that she has quit a lot of things to achieve the fab body. Here is a brief about Jennifer Aniston's abs and workout secrets. Take a look.

She is always asked a common question and that is “Are You pregnant?" and this time she has given the answer by posing in a bikini for a photo shoot.

Jennifer Aniston is wearing a black bikini and is showing off her rock hard abs. Paul Rudd, her co-star in the upcoming comedy flick “Wanderlust" has also been a part of the photo shoot.

In connection to her fitness, Jennifer Aniston said that she quit smoking as it adds on to extra pounds. A healthy diet with exercise can maintain a fit body over 40.

Her fitness trainer Mandy Ingber has also revealed a couple of tips to achieve the Jennifer Aniston's abs. She says that the Jen does a lot of yoga. Simple sit ups can help you achieve the unbelievable flat tummy you wanted. With these, there are some more poses mentioned in the abs workout for women.

1. Boat Pose - It includes some crunches and side sit ups. 5- 10 breath-in, breath-outs with 8 -10 crunches and side sit-ups in the pose will be a perfect abs workout for women.

2. Plank Pose – Works great for abdominal conditioning. Raising toes and balancing body on one foot will tone the abs muscles. Hold the plank by 8- 10 breaths, switch legs, maintain spine straight for the exercise.

3. Sit & Spin - A great cardio workout exercise. The bicycle movement (pedal strokes) involves lifting up knees will burn the tummy fat and build a lean muscle mass.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 11:33 [IST]
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