Exercises To Perk Up Sagging Boobs

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Having a beautiful and fuller breasts is a dream of every woman. While few go for boobs job, many women try inexpensive methods to increase their bust size naturally. When you are young, the breasts are lifted and well shaped. But, when you start growing old (also after delivery), the breasts start sagging and fall out of shape. Apart from age, improper care and wrong bras can also sag the breasts and spoil its shape. Thus, here are few simple exercises to perk up sagging boobs naturally!

Bust exercises to perk up sagging breasts:

Exercises To Perk Up Sagging Boobs

Loop band exercise: This is one of the most preferable bust exercise that can reduce sagging breasts. Stand straight with a band loop under the foot of your left leg. Place the left leg little backwards and then bend your right knee a little forward. Hold the ends of the loop on each hands and then straighten your hands till the shoulder level. Bring your arms back and take forward. You will feel a stretch on your chest. Switch legs and rep. Increase the duration and reps gradually to avoid body pain.

Chest fly: This exercise basically works on chest, arms and shoulder muscles. Lie on a table or gym ball. Hold dumbbells and spread your hands straight on the two sides. Now bring the hands close together while holding the dumbbells and then take them back. Rep it 10 times. Chest fly perks up sagging boobs and brings them back in shape.

Full circle push up: Lie down on your knee and lift your upper body. Set hands wide and hold the upper body. Shift the weight towards right hand and bend down near the floor. Shift the weight on the left hand and lift yourself up. Do this circular motion push up 10-15 times on both the sides and switch the directions (lowering on left to right and vice versa).

Loop hand: In this bust exercise, place one end of the loop under the left foot and the another end on the right hand. Bend your left knee a little forward and extend the hands on the sides. Hold the loop straight on the right hand and then bend it forward. Take it back and rep 10 times with both the hands and legs. This exercise lifts up the sagging breasts as the extended hands and bent knee stretches chest muscles.

Apart from doing these bust exercises, you can perk up the sagging boobs by wearing fitting bras. Loose bras spoil the shape of the bosom. You can even wear underwire bras to lift the breasts up. Massage the breasts regularly before or after shower to bring them back in shape. It also helps increase the breast size. Do you have more ideas to perk up boobs? Share with us.

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