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Top 8 Monsoon Fitness Tips For Indoor Workout

By Nandhini Devi

Monsoon brings in fun and enjoyment. It also brings in rains and traffic jams. All this effects your out-of-the-house chores such as a trip to the local grocer, vegetable market or to the gym. All of us may not go the gym. A morning or evening walk is on most people's regular workout schedule. However, the morning drizzles or evening showers might hamper this walk. So, does it mean that you sit at home and toss away all your regular fitness regimen?

Absolutely not! Here are some great ways to following a monsoon fitness regimen and remain fit and active during the rainy season.

Monsoon Fitness Tips For Exercising In The House -

1.You usually go for your walk or visit the gym at a scheduled time. Stick to the same time plan for your workout sessions at home. Also, dress the same way you do when you go out for a workout. Start with simple stretching exercises to warm-up.

2.Purchase few simple exercising devices like dumbells, skipping rope etc. If you always wanted to buy an indoor cycle or treadmill, this is the right time. It's a good option, as they can be used again during your next indoor monsoon workout session.

3.If you are someone who is not into working out in the gym, you can do some simple exercises at home as well. Sit-ups, waist bends, knee bends, calf exercises etc. are great ways to flex your muscles.

4.The stairs in your house are superb exercising device themselves. Walking up and down the stairs, is a superb tip for a good monsoon fitness.

5.Practice yoga. Yoga is an exercise that can be performed both indoors and outdoors. Select an airy spot in your house practice simple asanas to keep yourself fit. Yoga also helps reduce respiratory problems that are very common during the monsoon season.

6.An indoor jog on the spot or around a house jog is also beneficial. This monsoon fitness tip comes in handy when you want to shed off the extra fat accumulated through munching on tasty monsoon snacks. is one important way to shed off the extra fat.

7.If you love to dance, dance like nobody is watching. This helps you keep yourself flexible. This a fun tip to enjoy your indoor monsoon workout.

8.Cleaning your house is the best way to keep yourself from becoming a couch potato. Whenever there is a drizzle outside and you are stuck indoors for a couple of hours, clean out the shelves, cupboards or rooms.

So, this monsoon season prioritize your health and fitness by following the above mentioned workout tips.

Story first published: Thursday, June 16, 2011, 13:53 [IST]
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