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Food Alternatives
All expert dieticians will tell you that dieting is not starving, it is about substitution. If you have to get your diet right and lose weight in a healthy way then you need to look for food alternatives for your regular meals. Low fat foods have to substitute the highly fattening ones in your daily diet and that is the key to losing weight. Good diet foods are those that cut down on the calorie content without hampering the nutrition content of your food. You would be surprised to know that calories and nutrition are not mutually exclusive.

Finding the right food alternatives can be a challenging task so here are some good health tips to guide you on your way.

The Best Food Alternatives To Lose Weight:

1. Whole Grain for Refined Carbs: It is a simple lifestyle change but we are reluctant to make it. The shift from white polished rice to brown rice and sweet white bread to wholegrain brown bread costs little and gives much. Brown rice can be made tasty provided you are willing to develop a taste for it. These carbohydrates are fibrous and low fat foods to substitute unhealthy carbs. They do not have high starch content that goes straight to your waist.

2. Yogurt for Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise be it for diet or the real one is not a good diet food. One spread of mayo can disrupt your entire calorie chart for the day. The question is, how to make diet goods like salads interesting without mayonnaise? The best food alternative for this situation is beaten yogurt that comes to relatively the same texture and gives your salads the necessary taste and consistency.

3. Soya Oil for Mustard or Coconut Oil: Most of Indian cuisine is dependent on unhealthy cooking fats like coconut oil in the south and mustard oil in the east. Soya oil has obvious benefits over these saturated oils but we won't pick it partly because of the lack of flavour. It is one of the best alternatives to fatty cooking oils and has great nutrition value.

4. Margarine for Butter or Cheese: Margarine from a reputed brand that will not practice food adulteration is a huge step lose weight. This low fat food cuts out breakfast calories which are the most important in the day. As they say, morning shows the day.

5. Fruits as Meal not Dessert: We have this misconception that a fruit salad after a filling meal is a healthy dessert. Fruits have sugars too so it will pile on calories. Eat fruits as good diet food substitutes for full meals like lunch or breakfast. If you eat fruits after having your fill of food (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) then it is only an extra addition to your stored fats. Never have fruits for dinner because they are difficult to digest at night.

Use these weight loss tips to use food alternatives for your diet prudently.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2011, 11:47 [IST]
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