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Simple Exercises For Heart Patients

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Exercise Heart Patient
Heart patients have to exercise so as to keep their heart healthy. Doctors advise heart patients to regularly exercise so as to have a healthy heart and prevent themselves from further cardiovascular diseases. Lets check out the healthy heart exercises for heart patients.

Exercises for heart patients:

1. Aerobic exercises are best for heart patients. Too much pressure on heart muscles can lead to breathing problems so it is best to try aerobic exercises.

2. Make an exercise chart which consists of 30 minutes workout daily or thrice in a week. Start slowly with 5-10 minutes and then increase the duration to 30.

3. If you can't work out for 30 minutes at a stretch, you can divide into two sessions (15 minutes each) for morning and evening.

4. Before starting with exercise, warm up a little by walking or stretching. It is important to take breaks to relax after any exercise. Walk for 5-10 minutes and then relax before commencing with the exercise.

5. Walking is an effective aerobic exercise for heart patients. This helps to have healthy heart. Try to walk both in the morning and evening.

6. Avoid isometric exercises such as pull ups and push ups. It stretches the muscles and can lead to strains.

7. If the climate is too hot or cold, exercise indoors. Temperature variations can create breathing problems and can also lead to chest pain.

8. Medication is also an effective exercise for heart patients. It not only relaxes the mind but also clears breathing.

9. Stretching strengthens and relaxes the muscle. Before a walk or jog, stretch a little and repeat after jogging.

These exercises for heart patients are effective and keeps them healthy and active!

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Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2011, 15:12 [IST]
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