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11 Miracle Drinks To Manage Diabetes

Every year, the month of November is observed as the Diabetes Awareness Month - celebrated globally to raise awareness about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The theme of World Diabetes Day and diabetes awareness month 2019 is 'Family and Diabetes'.

Diabetes Awareness Month 2019 also aims to focus on the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. On this awareness month, let us take a look at the different types of drinks that can be beneficial for the condition.

A serious metabolic disorder, diabetes can affect anyone - regardless of age and gender. It is caused by an increase in the blood sugar levels that can trigger a number of undesirable symptoms that can affect their health and life. That is, when the body does not produce enough insulin or when the cells do not respond to insulin. The condition does not have a known cure and the treatment involves taking insulin shots for the rest of the patient's life [1] .

Some of the main symptoms of diabetes include, frequent urination, excess thirst, fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision, slow healing of wounds, burning sensation in various parts of the body, etc. Individuals suffering from diabetes are required to follow strict diets with various limitations so as not to aggravate the symptoms [2] .

Diabetes is primarily considered to be a lifestyle disorder, so it is important for a person with diabetes to make certain changes in his or her lifestyle, which primarily includes diet. So, it is critical to follow certain healthy diet habits and avoid eating certain things, in order to keep the symptoms under control [3] . Though there is no specific cure for diabetes, there are various remedies and means that help control and treat the condition and its symptoms.

Remedy Drinks For Diabetes

Incorporate the following juice remedies in your diet to manage the symptoms of diabetes.

1. Green juice

Extremely beneficial in managing the symptoms of diabetes, this juice can help reverse type 2 diabetes. The ingredients in the juice are good blood regulators (carrot) and help bring down the high sugar levels [4] . It also prevents the symptoms of diabetes from occurring gradually. You can consume the drink once or twice a day [4] .

Ingredients: 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots, 1 green apple and 3 stalks of spinach.

Preparation: Wash all the ingredients thoroughly. Peel the carrot and apple and mix them well in a blender and get a homogeneous mixture of it. Add all the other ingredients into this mixture. Blend well.

2. Mango leaves tea

Mango leaves come with numerous medicinal properties and are quite beneficial for diabetes patients, according to many ayurvedic doctors. These leaves contain certain minerals and antioxidants that can improve the cell's capacity to absorb insulin and also regulate the production of insulin, thus treating diabetes. Also, this home remedy for diabetes can act as a natural detoxifying drink that can also prove to be a remedy for various other ailments. This natural remedy for diabetes has proven to be very effective in controlling the symptoms, when consumed regularly, coupled with diet and exercise. Drink it every morning, before breakfast [5] .

Ingredients: 3-4 mango leaves and water.

Preparation: Boil the clean mango leaves for about 15 minutes in water, and let the leaves and the water remain in the pan overnight. In the morning, heat the water again, dispose the leaves, add the suggested quantity of water and drink.

3. Leek juice

Low in sodium and no no saturated fat or cholesterol, leeks are exceptionally beneficial for diabetes patients. Being a good source of dietary fibre, along with various other nutrients drinking this juice will help manage the symptoms of diabetes [6] .

Ingredients: 1 leek along with its roots and water.

Preparation: Wash the leek and put it in a cup containing water. Cover the cup and leave it overnight. After 24 hours, drink this liquid and repeat every day.

4. Beet juice

Drinking beetroot juice is one of the most effective way to lower metabolic syndrome, which otherwise can cause a hike in the symptoms of diabetes. It can lead to a sudden hike in the blood sugar levels, which is managed by the compounds in beetroot [7] . Drink the juice once everyday.

Ingredients: 1 beetroot, 1 cup water and 3 mint leaves.

Preparation: Peel the beetroot completely and cut it into small pieces. Add mint leaves and add it into a blender. Blend well for 3 minutes, strain the juice and drink.

5. Bitter gourd juice

One of the best remedies for diabetes, bitter gourd can help reduce high blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd help regulate the blood sugar levels in your body and activates the insulin, thereby preventing its conversion to fat [8] .

Ingredients: 1 bitter gourd, 1 cup water, salt and ½ cup lemon juice.

Preparation: Peel the bitter gourds and slice it from the centre. Then, scoop out the white flesh and the seeds of the vegetable. Now, cut the vegetable into tiny chunks and soak the in cold water for about 30 minutes. Add bitter gourd pieces to a juicer and add half teaspoon salt and lemon juice. Blend well. You can drink it once or twice in a day.

6. Red grapefruit juice

Packed with various antioxidants which can help lower high blood sugar levels naturally, consume red grapefruit juice to manage the symptoms of diabetes [9] .

Ingredient: 1 grapefruit.

Preparation: Cut the grapefruit into halves and squeeze the juice out. Refrigerate it for some time and drink once everyday.

7. Tomato juice

Drinking this can help manage diabetes because it helps balance blood sugar levels as it has lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Drink this once a day [10] .

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 1 teaspoon salt and ¼ cup water.

Preparation: Put all ingredients into a stainless steel pot and cook it, uncovered. Let it simmer for about 25 minutes and take off heat and let it cool. Drain the soupy tomato using a strainer and drink.

8. Cider, honey & cinnamon drink

This home made drink to treat diabetes has proven to work effectively when used on a regular basis. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with antioxidants that can treat many conditions, including diabetes. The antioxidants can boost the metabolic rate of the body and treat certain symptoms of diabetes [11] . Likewise, honey contains certain powerful enzymes that aim at correcting the insulin imbalance in the body to treat diabetes; and the cinnamon can help balance the blood sugar levels [12] . You can also make this without the honey.

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey and 2 teaspoons cinnamon.

Preparation: Add all the ingredients in a glass and stir well to form a mixture. Consume this mixture, every morning, after breakfast for at least 3 months, to see the positive effects.

9. Wheat grass juice

Rich in several nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and amino-acids, apart from managing diabetes, wheat grass has several other health benefits too. It aids in building up the immunity level, lowers cholesterol level and also helps build up the haemoglobin level. Wheat grass is helpful in preventing several other diabetes-related health problems like retinopathy (eye related) as well [13] .

Ingredients: Few strands of wheat grass and 2 cups of water.

Preparation: Take a few strands of tender wheat grass and wash it thoroughly with cold water. Put the wheat grass along with a glass of water into the mixer and blend it well. Strain the juice and then drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue this for about a month or two and then see the difference in the blood sugar level.

10. Okra & ginger juice

Ladies' fingers is rich in fibre and vitamin content, that can regulate the blood sugar level in order to treat diabetes. Likewise, the herb ginger contains polyphenols that can also reduce the blood glucose level in order to ease away a number of diabetes symptoms [14] . Consume this juice every day before breakfast, for a month.

Ingredients: ½ a cup of chopped okra and 2 tablespoons ginger juice.

Preparation: Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a blender, along with some water. Grind well to obtain a liquid and then, strain the liquid to get a clear juice.

11. Chamomile tea

The high amounts of antioxidants and zero calories in green tea makes it one of the best drinks for diabetes. Chamomile tea has some beneficial impact on glycemic control in type-2 diabetic patients. Regular consumption of chamomile tea may decrease the blood sugar levels and prevent nerve and circulatory damage, kidney disease and blindness. Drink it twice a day for positive results [15] .

Chamomile tea bags are easily available in general stores.

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