Does Karela Lower Blood Sugar?

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Does karela lower blood sugar? Karela is the Indian name of bitter gourd. Well, most of us never prefer this vegetable because of its bitter taste.

Actually, regularly eating this vegetable can have a purifying effect on your blood. It also offers fibre and cures constipation.

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The juice of karela can also soothe hangover symptoms. It boots immunity too. But does karela lower blood sugar? Yes, many Indians still use karela to control blood sugar.

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If you are wondering why many use bitter gourd for diabetes, here are some reasons.


Does Karela Lower Blood Sugar?

Many studies indicate that bitter gourd extract can minimise the activity of the enzyme alpha glucosidase. This will help in preventing the blood sugar spikes after you eat a meal.


How To Use Karela To Control Blood Sugar?

Juice a karela and drink it in the morning. This will control your blood sugar levels.

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What Does It Contain?

Bitter gourd or karela contains compounds like charatin and momorcidin which are anti-hyperglycemic. These compounds help in reducing blood sugar in diabetics.


Try Karela Tea

Some stores sell bitter gourd in its dry form. You can also dry it yourself. Prepare tea by boiling dry bitter gourd in a glass of water. Strain and drink it twice a day.


How The Seeds Help

The seeds of bitter gourd contain polypeptide P which works almost like insulin and helps in bringing down the blood sugar levels.


Try Recipes

There are so many Indian recipes that include bitter gourd as an ingredient. If the bitter taste is your problem, you can try spicy recipes that mask the bitter taste of this vegetable.

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What To Do If You Hate Its Taste?

You can consult your doctor and try bitter gourd supplements. Your doctor can help you figure out the right dosage and time to consume the capsules.

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Story first published: Monday, August 21, 2017, 10:36 [IST]
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