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India Couture Week 2019: Suneet Varma's Collection Is What Bridal Dreams Are Made Of


Couturier Suneet Varma's show had an element of dreaminess to it. His outfits represented escapism from the chaotic world. It was something like Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris, where the actor, Owen Wilson finds himself away from the present chaotic world. In the movie, the actor gets transported to the past, as if magically, and next he is seen talking to Scott And Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and who can forget Salvador Dalí, who comes later in the movie. Much like Woody Allen's masterpiece, Suneet Varma's show was like a time-travel experience.

The designer's collection was pretty idealistic with billowing ruffles and occasional layers of tulle. His outfits presented at the FDCI India Couture Week 2019 were what bridal dreams are made of. Titled, 'Amara', Suneet Varma's collection was inspired by many facets such as inspiration photos, postcards from museum, books on Art Deco, jewellery, Baroque architecture, and even designer's notes to himself. And those elements vividly came alive in his ensembles and his outfits included light ghararas, voluminous lehengas, and cocktail sarees. The designer designed for the woman - who could be anyone between being an enchanting seductress in Kamasutra to the ethereal ballerina in Swan Lake.

Also, the colours used by the designer translated well in the Indian wedding narrative. His colour palette ranged from beige, sorbet hues like soft orange, sea blue, ivory to rich pinks. Floral accents and intricate embellishments including mirror-work, sequins, and crytsals dominated Suneet Varma's outfits. We witnessed a lot of themes such as corset bodice, art deco, and Victorian detailing in his ensembles. So, yes, 'Amara' was a result of beautiful symphony of diverse sensibilities. The jewellery pieces included emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. We loved the jasmine-adorned hairdos as it added depth to his collection. Suneet Varma's collection was a visual treat. "India has a century-old love affair with couture or made to measure for pleasure. There is no denying the luxurious indulgence of precious finery, the magical beauty of one-off embellished wedding attire and the sparkle of personalized jewels that are made to match with it," said Suneet Varma about his collection.