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India Couture Week 2019: Amit Aggarwal Fascinates Us With His Unique Bridal Outfits


Amit Aggarwal opened the FDCI India Couture Week 2019, which was presented by Hindustan Times, and his collection showed the sensibilities of Indian bride and groom in a modern light (literally speaking). The designer's collection was fascinating and showed iridescence - a sort of flow of light with rich vibrant hues, and nature-inspired patterns.

Given Amit Aggarwal's bent towards structure and moulding of amorphous forms, his first bridal couture collection was a lot about his signature elements. The designer stuck to his design philosophy but this collection of his was much more elaborate and dazzling. However, his inspiration for this collection was rather extraordinary and beyond the realms of an ordinary mind. Can you believe it that his collection titled, 'Lumen' was a celebration of that unique light that illuminates us and makes us the individuals that we are! Amit Aggarwal aimed at explaining that spark - that light through his engineered outfits.

But the significant point that from this uncommon idea stemmed from? So, his inspiration came from a virtual reality experience at the Saatchi Gallery in London. The show was titled, 'We Live In An Ocean Of Air'. This show at the Saatchi Gallery took visitors to an ancient forest, where they witnessed a giant Sequoia tree. The virtual reality experience was aimed at establishing a harmonious relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide, and that happened when the heart beat and breathing pattern of visitors were tracked. This show in London beckoned the audience to reflect and take responsibility for organisms and plants around.

So, taking cues from the virtual reality show, the collection was an explaination of the organic structures of the human body that exchange an invisible energy. Amit Aggarwal achieved and showed that flow of energy and light into his eclectic outfits with opaque hues and metallic accents. The colour palette included rich hues such as emerald and purple, which were balanced by neutral colours including gold, ivory, blush, etc. The transparency and reflection of these hues revealed something as inexplicable as light.

The layers of weightless gossamer tulle, jacquards, silks, lace, and organza, and three-dimension hand-embroidered work further enhanced the outfits. The textiles were sourced from Taani by Tanira Sethi. The textile motifs showed natural life forms, which were converted into architectural formation. Amit Aggarwal's wedding wears from this collection were actually not everyone's cup of tea. His outfits were meant for prospective brides and grooms, who are willing to look beyond the usual designs and take that level of risk on their D-day. Kiara Advani was his showstopper and the Kabir Singh actress definitely mirrored the spirit of Amit Aggarwal's bride. What do you think about his collection? Let us know that in the comment section.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 14:44 [IST]