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The Modern And Reinvented Khadi Outfits For Some Fresh Inspiration


The coarse and grainy fabric, khadi has always been more than just a fabric. It was a fabric that symbolised freedom and thus, the fabric is of great significance in the Indian subcontinent. However, khadi was not considered as a fashionable fabric. On the contrary, it was the fabric that was more popular as daily wear. However, over the years, with consistent reinterpretation, the designers have been able to change the langugage of khadi. These designers have played with khadi and given us unique khadi ensembles. For instance, at the recent Khadi - Thagzo show, we saw a number of interesting khadi outfits. The show was hosted to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. We have selected a few fascinating khadi outfits from the show that will leave you inspired.


A Khadi Gown

Designer Samant Chauhan presented his impressive gowns collection. The gown that we liked a lot was a one-shouldered one that was structured and featured ruffled edges. It was an understated number with a lapel and asymmetrical hem. The gown also featured a front slit and seemed ideal for a cocktail night. So, for the next red carpet party, you know you can invest in a khadi gown.


Khadi Pyjama Set

You can do so much from this humble fabric and designer Rajesh Pratap Singh clearly proved it. We loved this grey-hued pyjama set as it seemed ideal as a street-style wear. The attire consisted of a grey top and flared knotted pyjamas, which the model teamed with a jacket and golden shoes. This attire clearly exuded fuss-free vibes.


The Draped Set

What we like about Anamika Khanna is the fine contemporary finish she gives to her ensemble. This number consisted of a cropped bodice and draped bottoms, which were accentuated by floral accents. We also thought the elaborate sash marked by intricate work was an interesting addition. Well, she applied redefined khadi.


The Shawl Attire

Come winters and we want to be draped in a shawl. The Bhutanese designer gave us a draped shawl attire that was layered and something we could totally incorporate. The attire was ivory-hued and paired with a meticulously done shawl drape. Well, it seemed like a perfect ensemble for a formal evening.


The Oriental-Inspired Attire

This Oriental-inspired attire was also what caught our attention. It was a sophisticated yellow ensemble that featured an overlapping jacket and a subtly-printed skirt with layered hem. The attire was simple and something that we could easily sport. We also liked the statement jewellery and tassle handbag.

So, which khadi attire you liked the most? Let us know that in the comment section.

All Pics Credit: FDCI Official