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Beyoncé V/s Rihanna: Whose Floral Headgear We Loved More?


Beyoncé Knowles and Rihanna have now created quite a storm on the internet. Earlier, we all noticed Deepika Padukone wearing the same Sabyasachi sari that Anushka Sharma wore for her engagement and this time it was Beyoncé, who carried forward the same trend that Rihanna sported recently.

So, Beyoncé donned the floral headgear look that Rihanna did a week ago. Now, Beyoncé didn't wear the headgear for personal reasons, but for Vogue's photoshoot. And guess what, so did Rihanna for Vogue. But Rihanna's was for British Vogue's September issue and Beyoncé's was for American Vogue September issue.

We wouldn't call it copying as much as we would call it twinning. Both the ladies and leading singers were made to wear the floral headgear for the shoot. And in both the covers, it was quite evidently a floral outburst. Was it a genuine mistake that Vogue made or was it some strategy aimed at boosting sales of the magazine? That we don't know, but what we are clear about is that Beyoncé's cover looked more natural than Rihanna's.

Set against a white backdrop, Beyoncé looked ethereal and so believable in her ruffled white dress that had voluminous sleeves and was reminiscent of the 40s and 50s fashion sensibilities. Her attire had a very Victorian collar and the makeup was kept nude.

Coming to flower power adorning her hairdo, it was a mix of many different pastel-hued flowers that were so meticulously arranged. Beyoncé looked like a million dollars in the shoot and was posed with so much composure. It was so soothing to watch her.

Rihanna, on the other hand, wore something purple as far as outfit is concerned. Her net and sheer collar was visible but the rest of her attire was not. She wore a heavy makeup marked by burgundy red glossy lip shade, purple eye shadow, but her sleek eyebrows seemed to be photoshopped to us. Unlike Beyoncé, her headgear was a vibrant burst of colours marked by bright green, red, and purple exotic flowers.

We felt that flowers on Beyoncé's headgear were more natural and commonly found. And we actually liked Beyoncé's look slightly more than Rihanna's.

But we also feel that with these two shoots, floral headgear is going to be a major trend in the coming spring season next year. Don't you all think so too?

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