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10 Interesting Dal Recipes

By Sanchita

Dal forms an integral part of the Indian cuisine. No Indian meal is ever complete without a bowl of dal. Naturally, there are infinite ways of cooking dal in India. Dal is one item which can be made into snacks, curries, dessert or can be even served as a simple soup.

Every region in India has its own recipe of preparing dal and each recipe is as interesting as the other. So, if you are bored of cooking the same dal again and again, here are ten interesting dal recipes from all over India which will surely solve your problem.


Darbari Dal

Darbari dal is a very interesting dal recipe which is cooked with a lot of vegetables. Darbari dal is made with the mix of two dals, toor and masoor dal.


Dal Dumplings

Dal dumpling is a steamed snack made with toor dal. It is also an excellent breakfast option. They taste heavenly when served with coconut chutney and a steaming cup of coffee.


Methi Dal

In this recipe fresh fenugreek is combined with our regular dal along with some onions, tomatoes and lemon juice which adds the tangy taste and makes it extremely delicious.


Dal Bukhara

The look and feel of this dal recipe is very similar to our very own Dal Makhani. But there is a distinct difference between the Punjabi dish Dal Makhani and the exotic Dal Bukhara. The difference comes from the spices used in these two dal recipes.


Jackfruit Dalma

Dalma is a very famous vegetarian recipe from the state of Odisha. In this recipe the dal is cooked along with jackfruit and other vegetables. The mix of authentic spices add a very different and mouthwatering flavour to the recipe.


Dal Paratha

Dal Paratha recipe is a North Indian vegetarian recipe, mainly prepared in Gujarati households. This paratha is prepared using wheat flour, carom seeds, moong dal & jeera and are known to be beneficial for health.


Mash Ki Dal

Dhaba style mash ki dal is a very popular pick among Indians. The dhaba style recipe is spicy and perfect for the meal. Mash ki dal is made with different spices to add a flavour and aroma to the dish.


Dal Bati

Dal Bati is the pride of Marwari food. Call it unhealthy or fattening, there is nothing to beat the taste of this dal recipe.

This Rajasthani recipe is based on the needs of a very rough and dry climate.


Moong Dal Halwa

It is a delicious sweet dish made with moong dal, ghee and various dry fruits. This recipe takes time but nothing can beat the taste of this delicious Indian dessert.


Misti Chola Dal

In Bengal, chana (Bengal gram) is known as chola. The traditional Bengali recipe of making chola dal required sugar too! Yes, misti chola dal (sweet chana dal) is a 'sweet n spicy' Bengali side dish recipe that is served with steaming rice or plain rotis.

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Story first published: Friday, May 17, 2013, 18:53 [IST]